The “Conflict” between “Stupidity” of Tradition and the “Panic ”of Reality- A Comparative Analysis of Old and New Values of American from Forrest Gump

ABSTRACTAnalysis of the process for the return of the rift between the review and summary of the angle according to the < Forrest Gump > is a novel of the same name adapted into a film, whether it is from the cultural point of view or from the box office standard < Forrest Gump > is a successful film. As an inspirational piece of it will be the Second World War to the social values change, and with the help of the historical review and release to critique of contemporary popular culture, trying to use religious culture and traditional culture to make up the social value, called on China's traditional culture. The thesis should be in-depth analysis to Forrest Gump's experience as the main line is connected in series to the historical elements to a better interpretation of the final knot Protagonist or cleverly fruit to show out of the United States in the 1960s for nearly 30 years of historical period between the new and the old culture of contradiction and conflict, let the people to be the hero of the experience of things that lead to inner change, feel to a scene of historical events in series through a period of time, the more deeply to understand those different values in displayed positive or treason, in the fall of the different feeling to subtle but persistent sense shock people to reflect, to find their own want. Paper from the experience of all historical events as the starting point, key experience the movie different values arising from the conflict and contradiction, feel the history Elements of the light reflected by the glory of human nature and upward, selfish and corrupt, to reflect on the value of self, looking for some different insights.

key word“Agam Gump ”;  The old and new values; Conflict between tradition and reality




1. Background


   1994 July 6, in the United States released < Forrest Gump > is directed by Robert Zemeckis film, by Tom Hanks, starring robim et al. Film adaptation from the novel of the same name, published by the American writer Winston groom in 1986, tells the story of the congenital mental retardation of male Haiforrest Ganman legend life.

The development of American history even said that the spirit of the film gains numerous awards, also make a "Forrest Gump" widely circulated. The film to a man as masterstroke is Forrest Gump from small to large a series of experiences in series in the United States from the 1960s to date, nearly 30 years of history. The whole movie highlights on the one hand is the hero from the ordinary road is a good family background eventually grow a make people marvel at the civilian heroes of legend, on the other hand is a large number of elements combined in series and collisions, including culture, politics, economy, religion, etc. different elements, a full range of American history and culture change. A nation in its the Calendar, which is worth pondering the part lies in the new and old values of collision and contradiction, only the analysis of the process, can be the best interpretation of results. The old and new values and the presence of the United States, the clash of blending, positive or negative. The film to achieve this unprecedented success is that it can make people all feel positive side, also can let people full range to reflect on the negative fall bad side, so that viewing Gequsuoxu, thought-provoking, and dream, just to achieve the same values, is based on the thinking of the senses and make recognition Embodied the epitome of the history, the concept of a decision or determination of knowledge, understanding, judgment or choice, also is the human things, the debate is a kind of thinking and value orientation, which reflect the people, things, a certain value effect; in class society, different classes have different values. Different values are not the same, but different people will have different things, and time on the formation of a different element, the history is any person dressed little girl, < Forrest Gump > is a values conflict coexist in the Forrest Gump sincerely optimistic in the social widespread, but may not be universally successful rebellion and fall also abound. But not necessarily should be we execrate. Among the films of the expression of that conflict need through one process, giving the embodiment and Enlightenment of value to our lives.

2. The reflect of the “Conflict” between“Stupidity“of Tradition and the“Panic”of Reality from the Historical elements

2.1 The origin of the“Stupidity“of Tradition

The background of the film is set in the 20th century from the 1940s to the 1980s, this period was also closed in the history on unrest in, various forms of the civil rights movement, political assassination, the women's liberation movement after another, drugs, sexual liberation, the phenomenon of the rock music continue to impact the people's moral concept and traditional ideas. And the protagonist Gump experienced the period of many important events in history: the Vietnam War and anti war rallies, Kennedy was assassinated and row Panther Party headquarters, and so on.

So Bubba. < Forrest Gump > the Forrest Gump and Jenny, Bubba and Lieutenant Dan the fate of their characterizations, lateral and reflect women's liberation, anti war, anti racist ideas. Jenny has a hopeless rebellion, she longs to become a free bird, fly away from the male oppression, free to fly in their own world, you want of life, and the ultimate reality is not satisfactory, the end of the movie still choose to let her return, return to a mainstream society recognized Bubba on behalf of the black community. Needless to say, the film by setting a character to portray the prevailing racial discrimination.He is walking out of the shadow of the Vietnam War soldier trying to eliminate fierce racial discrimination through the film about. Lieutenant Dan is a private country image, it seems his life from birth began destined for the country, to fight for the family, and the cruel reality enable Dann lieutenant in the Vietnam War and lost full body and spiritual significance of the sense of achievement. Lieutenant Dan suffering from physical and mental torture, is Forrest Gump enabled him to get salvation.

2.2 the different attitudes betweenThe Reality and Tradition for the racial discrimination

On June 11, 1963, known for American Mussolini Alabama Governor George. Wallace Pro eorgeW apace) blocked at the door of the University of Alabama registered building, against John F. Kennedy was the John F. Kennedy) President issued concerning the cancellation of orders of the University of Alabama apartheid, attempted resistance if Jnn M Y H ood and VivianM abne two members of the black enrollment. In the National Guard of the ten pre, University of Alabama eventually compromise. Film, Forrest Gump has appeared in governor Wallace and GeneralGra Ham next to, and later picked up the M abne Vivian fell to the ground of the book back to her.

George Wallace is ten 1960s America's most famous against the abolition of apartheid character, served as the fourth governor of the state of Alabama, and respectively in the presidential campaign in 1961196819721976, but failed. In the 1972 election, he in Maryland being dark kill, resulting in paralysis of the lower half.

John F. Kennedy in 1961 to 1963 any president of the United States. Forrest Gump and his own NCAA football team at the White House by the President Kennedy met. In the bathroom of a white house, Forrest Gump see two photos. A Marilyn. Monroe, suggesting that she and President Kennedy between the ambiguous relationship, a is President Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy Er obertF. Kennedy). For the next brother two respectively in the year 19631968 was assassinated foreshadowed. Robert 1961 to 196 ", he served as the Attorney General of the United States, after become Senator And participated in the 1968 presidential election in June 5th.1968 was assassinated in Losangeles.


2.3Tolerance and conflict betweenThe Reality and Tradition

Born Guan Guogang shooting the movie < Forrest Gump > in the 20th century in the mid to late country background, at this time through the Vietnam War, and the people are living in turbulent times. Political leaders took turns to replace with a variety of assassination event occurs, the White House a variety of scandals has constantly in the ear, the turbulent life make people eager for the traditional cultural value of regression, at the time when the popular anti culture movement is equivalent to China's "Cultural Revolution". Set off the movement of the majority of the people are "baby boom" period, and the movement of the slogan is: love, freedom and equality and justice, with emotion in sport a growing movement was on the upsurge in began to appear a These absurd behaviors, which make the social support rate drop rapidly, and the anti cultural movement eventually turned into a failure.

And God for each people all is fair, although Forrest Gump congenital mental retardation but God gave him a kind-hearted heart, diligence and pragmatism optimistic upward in the Forrest Gump has reflected, but also represents China's traditional values. Forrest Gump because retarded grew up around bullied by the director to the audience to convey a message, that is after the Second World War, people's ideological confusion, the traditional values of the status has been questioned and abandon, more what is denied the attack. At the same time, Forrest Gump is like living in a variety of popular culture between traditional culture and in a variety of new ideas of new culture attack scars, with all kinds of anti culture Evolve into question off the shackles of Forrest Gump on the extrusion of the wave of the rise of the movement, the anti war movement and the civil rights movement in the mainstream culture is still tenacious survival, by the social environment and free independent thought and Chinese traditional culture of living space is shrinking, and finally to the difficult degree. In popular culture under the influence, Forrest Gump joined the rock band, and the infected with the drug, the popular culture of independence and freedom to break the traditional culture thought, he began to immerse himself in the wrestling fame. The plot of the movie development so far is nothing more than to the audience that the main stream culture in Chinese people's heart from the negative and deviation, then closed the country In essence makes the traditional culture values reached the historical bottom. Popular culture influence of Forrest Gump to embark on the wrong, but he still exist, Jenny leave let him realize his mistake, he began to reflect on and take some practical action, in his efforts, he realized the material and spiritual double regression, Forrest Gump is a symbol of traditional culture values of regression. In popular culture under the influence of Jenny and Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan has embarked on the wrong direction, the film through the character before and after the image contrast to show off in the minds of the people change. Jenny small gentle and innocent like an angel the same good. This also reflects the traditional culture in the traditional culture of the women's image; before the war, Dan Dan is a strong minded and intelligent military, always according to their own rules and encourage Agam to make him active and to life.

3. Through the events to feel the contradictions and conflicts of the old and new values in the United States, reflect on yourself,to find the different life meanings

The film in 1994 by Winston groom (Winston groom) of the same name}J, said adapted. Winston was born in Washington, longer than the southern Alabama. In 1965 graduated from the University of Alabama. After serving in the army and in Vietnam spent four years.1969 back in America he inevitably by surging domestic social movement and the influence of the counterculture, so his novel < Forrest Gump knee on the occasion is a with a comedy and absurd means of satire. Under his pen of Forrest Gump has become a has a lot of disadvantages of Lai. And in 1994 moved Electrical screen Lin Forrest Gump feet than fiction "warmth", the protagonist Gump also be shaped into an upright, honest and loyal to friendship and love, rich and generous, simple but persistent civilian hero image. The film was a great success, eventually won the 67th Oscar Awards. People respect the United States after the Cold War, a series of "anti intellectual movie" belittle modern social civilization, advocating low intelligence and return to the original film), think of it to "a little people experience the perspective of the political and social history, the image of the subversion of the traditional concept of hero image, with a distinct anti traditional and anti mainstream" + more successful than only one, Wei Chuyu Zoos IQ 75 mentally retarded to his high IQ peers, live more wonderful, it does illustrate it from some kind of meaning is "anti intellectualism" movie, from a certain extent, reflect the post Cold War U. S. domestic A shares advocating natural regression trend. But the film transmitted information is far more than these. In fact, the age of young people in experience and witness the turbulent 1960s and self in the 1970s, in six years into the middle of their own to the society with more rational thinking, "when those deviant, solitary 'Hippie' in reflection Wake up, from radical revolutionary change to the trend of the traditional concept of neoconservatives. "(Duanmu million, 1999). 1980s Americans seem to regain once lost traditional values and traditional virtue. O the 6}K Forrest Gump to said is the twentieth century eight, product of the 1990s American Society of conservative ideas thrown up. It advocates not" anti tradition, anti mainstream "and just is the traditional American values and return the call.

Values has always been a scholars believe that the crucial problem is the core of a society and a deep structure of culture. For values defined, sociologists, anthropologists and historians such as from different angles have different argument. Anthropologist Kluckhohn, Clyde Kluckhohn, from personal and social patterns of behavior, manner and purpose of value view of this definition, values is peculiar to an individual or a group of people of a kind of overt or covert think what is desirable concept, the concept of the impact of people from the existing various modes of action, way and choose. "(Hu Wenzhong. 1999). The United States although only just a few hundred years of history, but its unique value concept in this period of history plays an important role, and in the 1960s and 1970s "anti mainstream culture also deeply affected the generations of Americans. In the hustle and bustle of the era, many traditional values to ridicule and suspicion. The hustle and bustle of the eight, nine years +. People become more rational and more calm. On with the United States for hundreds of years of traditional values of regression again again become the call of the times.


Through the film to the expression of a certain ideology has a long history, however, can will "ideology ventriloquism" successful use of film rarely; < Forrest Gump > the film through the clever use of "ideological ventriloquism", race and solution and social values of regression ideology conveyed, it can be said is a model of film history. Forrest Gump's life experiences can be considered to reflect the history and culture of the country, ironic style of Forrest Gump's philosophy has been widely recognized, at the same time as the bridge for foreigners to understand the Guan Guowen. The film is an inspirational tracts. Through the protagonist Forrest, we see The dedication of life, the love of life and the conviction of the firm. But the film reflects the culture of the national culture is also worthy of our deep thinking.



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