AbstractTo speed up the process of global integration, China's reform and opening up and the further development of higher education, the internationalization of the urgent need to improve the quality of English Teaching in our country. Although so far in China's College English teaching has made great achievements, but also showed the time-consuming long, big investment, low efficiency "lack of motivation is weak, can not fully meet the needs of personnel training, social development, national development strategy needs. The essence of the reform of College English teaching and learning in the Ministry of education, the implementation of the project, the ESP teaching in universities, the research of the academic circle of College English, is to find the dynamic way, to stimulate the vitality and to promote the development of College English teaching. It has become a fundamental way to promote the sustainable development of College English teaching to seek the motive force and construct the dynamic mechanism

keywordsCollege English; Pharmaceutical English; teaching


College English teaching is in a crucial period of reform, reform is the driving force for development, power is to improve the efficiency and quality of College English teaching. The basic function of education is to promote human development and social development, the relationship between the two is through the cultivation of educational activity of social development. The cultivation of educational activity is generally realized by specialized schools, colleges and universities belong to this specialized agencies. Today, with the human society entered the era of information, communications, transportation, media technology rapid development, to speed up the process of global integration, a country 's education and development will not only by the country's economic, political and cultural constraints and the impact of the trend of global integration, will be affected. China's colleges and universities as cultivating the specialized agencies must focus on training students with international consciousness, to master a foreign language tool and the international exchange principle, understand the culture of different countries and nationalities, to undertake international exchanges of the era of responsibility. College English (this research is mainly refers to non English majors) as the important course of, is the important means of cultural exchange between China and the West. In the teaching to strengthen cultural teaching to improve the students' intercultural communication level universities have become an important task of teaching. Post modern knowledge view, knowledge and culture is not stripped of, and knowledge is divided into explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge, which with the hall, an American scholar think culture is similar recessive culture and dominant culture. For the acquisition of knowledge, after the modern teaching view and teaching is not only let the students accept ready-made knowledge conclusion, namely explicit knowledge must also be by the student participation, experience, experience and experience of tacit knowledge, to construct the new knowledge. In the process of construction, language is the medium of thought, which is a tool for communication, communication and cognition. At the same time, the language is not affected by the cultural and social development, that is, language and culture are two sides. Therefore, College English teaching is not only a language teaching, but also a cultural teaching.

2.Literature Review

As with any subject, ESP theory has its core and boundary. So, it is necessary to clarify the relationship between ESP and College English teaching and learning in College English teaching and learning from the ESP theory. In summary, esp in nature and College English attribute opposite, Yangfeng, Wu Shiyu (2013: 12) think ESP has not university public English level can undertake teaching from the point of view; but not to deny certain key disciplines and key professional of the ESP with teaching demand. So ESP and College English in the teaching object has some intersection, is the same teaching goal of the two levels. The public English level is the core of the College English teaching system, which has general attributes, which can be found from the origin of the American College of foreign language education and the development of ESP. Foreign language education in American universities from the classical language education, raise the Boya elite humanities scholars has been the main target. University of Chicago president Hutchins in 1936: "higher education in America, and Harvard University in 1945: the" free society through general education "Redbook very representative to clarify the modern university in the United States through general education basic concept (Yangfeng, Wu Shiyu, 2013). So after World War II of institutions of higher education in the United States while the transition to the strategic goal of cultivating advanced foreign language talents, also gave birth to the ESP theory, but we found that Harvard "Curriculum" (Harvard Committee, 1986: 2) provides all the students at least a compulsory the outside of the country of "the morphology of a nation and refined and unique ideological culture of the nationality has detailed description of the subjects", whose purpose is to extend the cultural horizons of students, control and reflect on their original cultural view and national traditional culture. Xia Jimei (2012: 45), twentieth Century in the world of international exchanges and the global village on the formation of English education needs due to cultural diversity, cultural conflict, cultural integration, the foreign language education beyond language education itself, is a kind of talent quality training through the education of Ming language education; Yang Zhizhong (2013: 1) that that college English teaching is an important part of the higher education, is an important aspect of quality education, it is different from the general for all kinds of special training held in 1999; the "College English Syllabus" stressed "College English Teaching in the implementation of quality education is an integral part of the" 2007; "College English curriculum requirements" sets out "College English curriculum is not only a language based curriculum, but also broaden the knowledge and understanding of the world cultural quality education course". In view of this, College English through general education attribute core characteristics is evident, but college English knowledge orientation education has its boundary, it cannot conquer the world alone bear the broad connotation of general education, it just at the level of the language and culture of the completed through general education mission.


3.College English Teaching

3.1 Historical development of college English teaching

It is generally believed that the rise of ESP is due to the following three factorsFirst, with the end of the Second World War, the western countries led by the United States in the scientific, economic, and cultural aspects of the rapid development, English has become a universal language; second, linguistic research by description, explain language system characteristics to the ability to trace the actual use of language to (Widdowson, 1991; Hutchinson Waters 1991); third, the centrality of language learners get educational psychology support (Hutchinson Waters 1987). As a result, English learning is no longer seen as just a good education, but a practical tool that is increasingly linked to a variety of professional and career development needs.

3.2Analysis of the problems in college English teaching

1 Freshmen's foreign language level is the trend of polarization, the difference of students' demand is increased.

After entering in twenty-first Century, the English Teaching in primary and middle schools of our country has carried on the vigorous curriculum reform. 2004 autumn some provinces open trial in 2003, the Department of education to develop the ordinary high school English Curriculum Standards (experimental) "(hereinafter referred to as the" new curriculum standard "), by the end of the fall semester 2010, the provinces and autonomous regions nationwide full implementation. Based on this calculation, from the beginning of 2012, entering college freshmen should accept the complete training of the new curriculum standard. The new curriculum emphasizes quality-oriented education, whole person development, curriculum objectives covering the cognitive dimension, the emotional and value dimension, dimension method; curriculum type diversification, a required course, the sequence of elective courses and arbitrary elective courses; curriculum requirements high school graduates need to grasp the word the 3300, phrase 400-500 a, deals with the topic of 24, function concept 66.

2high level foreign language talents with international vision and Chinese vision are seriously deficient.

With the rapid expansion of China's participation in international exchanges, the gap between high-level foreign language talents has not only failed to make up, but there is an increasing trend (Dong Wei 2010; Zhou Yin 2010). China needs a large number of proficiency in the use of personnel with foreign language and the legal knowledge and foreign business negotiations and the signing of the contract; the need for a large number of well-known international law, international trade law and the rules of WTO lawyers, judges, need a large number of proficient in the target country culture and language of the senior personnel of tourism management and so on. On July 8, 2010, "China Youth Daily" published "the talented person short board hinder Chinese enterprises go out" article pointed out that in the nationwide, can skilled use of foreign language and the legal knowledge and foreign business negotiations, the signing of the contract of personnel only about 2000, familiar with international law, international Trade Law and the rules of WTO law is scarce. China News Network May 2010 27 published the "lack of talent restricts the Chinese tourism industry 'going out'" article also pointed out that although China has five thousands of tourism enterprises, but due to the lack of English senior personnel of tourism management, currently only 15 stepped out of the country.

4.Pharmaceutical English

4.1 Main content of Pharmaceutical English

Pharmaceutical English vocabulary teaching is an important part of pharmacy English teaching. The vast majority of pharmacy of ordinary undergraduate course colleges and universities to set up all after the completion of the task of basic English Teaching in Colleges and universities in offering English course in pharmacy, some colleges and universities, the form of compulsory, some colleges and universities, the elective courses, which reflects the all universities and colleges of pharmacy English teaching pays much attention to the extent of the difference. The lack of system of ESP theory in teaching, the teaching of Pharmaceutical English vocabulary tend to stay in simple rote learning model of teaching level. Teaching materials, because in recent years the university continues to expand the scale of enrollment, in a certain extent, indirectly lead to students' overall English level is uneven, a considerable part of the students think pharmacy English vocabulary is too complex and Pharmaceutical English text content is quite boring, resulting in before and on the basis of pharmacy learning content of cohesive fracture, which of textbook selection presents a challenge. The two versions of the current market Pharmaceutical English authority lack of materials, most of the colleges and universities by people's Medical Publishing House published Hu Tingxi professor and Shi Zhixiang professor "Pharmaceutical English" textbooks, or use the school textbooks; using the self-made teaching material advantages can be fit with the colleges of pharmacy education is better, in the vocabulary teaching is more flexibility and pertinence. 药学英语课程的开设旨在从培养高级应用型人才的目标出发,结合药学及相关专业学生毕业后的工作实际,提供其未来工作岗位所需要的专业英语知识和技能,从而具备基本的阅读、查阅英文相关专业文献,以及用英文进行基本的专业表达的能力,为进一步的工作和科研奠定基础

4.2 Problems of Pharmaceutical English

(1) the contents of the teaching materials can not completely meet the needs of students.

Teaching materials as the main factors in the process of teaching, the author selected in the textbook in the process, found that "there is no pharmacy English textbooks, mainstream teaching materials are mainly edited by Professor Zhang Guobin and Professor Li Yougui's teaching materials, these materials have different emphases, Pharmaceutical English Editor professor" Zhang Guo Bin (Fudan University press the publication covers) instructions for use of medicines and American Pharmacopoeia, GMP profile, CA, English abstract regulations, pharmacy medicine literature, English and other content 3; Professor Hu Tingxi editor of the "Pharmaceutical English" of Biochemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacognosy, biochemistry, plant chemistry and pharmacy management in eight subjects each subject was introduced, a unit of 4; Professor Li Yougui editor of the "Pharmaceutical English" to the main content of drug instructions As the key link, this paper introduces the related content, in order to cultivate the students' professional English foundation. All three of these materials have different advantages, but the lack of the materials of Chinese traditional medicine introduction, in some textbooks, although involved, but the content is not rich enough, some of the terminology translation also defective. And for pharmacy graduates after work to face with major related content involves very is also insufficient, such as research papers (English version) the writing skills and the translation skills of scientific papers, research papers of keywords retrieval. Of course, teaching materials is not an encyclopedia, it can not be involved in all aspects, which requires teachers to be aware of the teaching process to supplement the relevant teaching content.

 (2) the teacher is difficult to meet the requirements of the course.

Mainly due to the professional English in pharmacy pharmacy and English professional knowledge, therefore has only pharmacy or English professional background knowledge for Professor "pharmacy" English is not enough, the teachers must has the professional knowledge to be competent to teach the course learn, because the professional accomplishment directly affect the students to study the effect of the course.

 (3) students' learning interest is not high.

 In the process of teaching, students in the learning process gradually differentiated into four groups: some students think English belongs to the category of English curriculum, and many students because of English is not interested in even in fear of psychological, so little interest in their learning; some students in learning English has a very strong interest, but weak professional knowledge, in the study feel difficult; some students professional knowledge base is solid, but English foundation is not solid; only very few of the students has a strong professional knowledge. At the same time, it has a good foundation in English, and is crazy about learning English. In addition, less class hours, the lack of necessary listening material, and so on to a certain extent, affect the teaching of this course.

4.3 The importance of Pharmaceutical English teaching  

The essential ability of professional and technical personnel. With the development of world economy globalization, more and more complex talents with solid professional technical knowledge and good international language communication ability have become more and more popular. Pharmacy related majors in Pharmaceutical English teaching has important significance is understanding of developments in the international pharmaceutical industry or to participate in international academic exchange activities, whether it is the promotion of domestic pharmaceutical technology or medical products out or the introduction of foreign advanced technology are inseparable from English or is the important tool of Pharmaceutical English. From the average level of English is not difficult for us to think of our country in Colleges and universities of medicine pharmacy English teaching level is relatively low, in order to improve the quality of English Teaching in the pharmacy pharmacy, both from the teaching staff and the teaching level of experience have great improvement and promotion between. Is Pharmaceutical English teaching experience and existing problems and shortcomings to learn from each other to colleagues engaged in for teaching work, learn from each other, in order to improve English teaching level and teaching quality of pharmaceutical, cultivate more and more excellent composite type of professional and technical personnel for our country.


We are not opposed to ESP teaching, but for the introduction of ESP to consideration of Hovenia dulcis Thunb. Neither the ESP Bibles, also cannot be regarded as Bilv. With the expansion of the scale of higher education, especially the popularization and popularization of the arrival, the higher education from the academic and research to application to, so on the ESP claims has certain application value and significance. However, the reform of College English teaching can absorb the knowledge and theory of other subjects, but not "encourage" many excellent college English teachers enrich to other disciplines to the College English teaching reform must be from strategic (National) focus on the widest part, small (functions of universities and the differences of students) started, respect for differences and personality, College English teaching on the ESP seemingly far sighted, in fact, is "take mars hit Venus", there will be a ceiling effect, and advocates fish such as drinking water, the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. Yang Zhi Zhong (2013: 5) that under the present conditions in our country, even in quite a long period of time, for most of the colleges and universities are the most professional courses, generally advocate the so-called "Bilingual Teaching", neither necessary nor possible. If you must do mandatory, it can only be cheating or as a mere formality. Economic globalization and educational internationalization but also to take care of the requirements of foreign language colleges and universities in the area where the social, economic, cultural, not to eat from the same big pot, not to engage in one-sided. Higher education from the essence of that problem is one of education, so the status of College English in Higher Education in general education in language and culture; status of ESP in College English education is currently only some key disciplines and professional support and supplement the students for container technology course excessive development is undoubtedly the prison. Look up at the starry sky, but down to earth, College English Teaching "neither borrow sail voyage, not the wind drift" (Mei Deming, 2012: 35).


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