AbstractChina is a country with a long history of cultural power, the development of thousands of years left a rich tourism resources for us, more and more foreigners start to understand China through tourism, tourism signs translation plays a very important role, this article carries on the analysis through examples on the publicity of tourist attractions in the improper translation language thus, to find such improper translation, the translation of public signs and trying to solve these problems are to be explored, so that the tourist attractions in the translation of public signs, more standardized, more harmonious, reach the purpose and significance of public signs for the public, tourists and overseas tourists instructions and guidance, and promote the great the development of cross cultural tourism.

Keywords: tourist attractions; improper translation of public signs; problems; Countermeasures


Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1Research background

Tourism is a sunrise industry in the 21st century, has become one of the pillar industries in China's economic development. (Baker, 2000) By 2020, according to the World Tourism Organization predicts China will surpass other countries, to become the world's largest tourist destination country, the fourth largest source exporter. By then, every year the guests to China to visit will reach 137 million people, China will have 100 million people to travel around the world. Thus, in 2000, China was first proposed a grand strategic objective "a world tourism

country," China will achieve a historic leap from" the tourist destination in Asia "to" a world tourism country. To achieve this ambitious goal, local governments continue to invest huge amounts of money to build or launch of new tourism projects, tourism development space expand constantly. With tourism booming, more and more foreign tourists to China for sightseeing, English tourist information, propaganda in China, become an important means of promoting tourism. We can not ignore the role of travel information.(Bassinet&Lefevere,2001)With China's foreign publicity and foreign exchange have become increasingly frequent,public signs of tourist attraction are most familiar and the greatest exposure media to the public,it plays an irreplaceable role in the foreign exchange. Public Signs is a "business card" of regional outreach. It is a concrete manifestation of an urban locale, the human environment and foreign exchange level. Foreigners visit the Scenic Spots in China, not only sensory satisfaction and enjoyment, also expected to understand unique of cultural information, feel the history and culture of a foreign country, and get the wealth of knowledge and spiritual sublimation. in order to better achieve the ultimate goal of translation of tourist information to attract foreign tourists,the dissemination of Chinese culture.

1.2 The purpose and significance of the study

The public sign is an important part of a regional language and cultural environments.2003 Nobel laureate in economics, professor Granger once said: the tourism industry of the Olympic Games will bring a very direct impact. At the same time, he also gives us a piece of advice: Beijing Public sign should be bilingual. He believes that this is essential to attract Olympic visitors. Admittedly, the standard of English public signs will not only facilitate international friends in China to life, work, study and travel, it can also reflect the local higher

education levels and civic and cultural qualities, so as to enhance China's international image.However, in our country for a long time, the translation of public signs neither the "pet" status of literary translation, also unlike the popular of translation of science, technology and regulations. This has resulted in domestic English translation of pubfic signs are very confusing That Professor Granger said that foreigners come to China to be some tension because they do not totally understand the translation of public signs. In order to meet the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Beijing and Shanghai has invested a lot of manpower and material resources. The two cities also have set off a wave of bilingual pubfic signs correction within the scope of the society as a whole. It has achieved very significant

results. However, in many other cities, translation errors in English public signs are still everywhere. In many places of some small and medium-sized cities have not even set up the English public signs. This phenomenon is disproportionate with the continuous development of China's economy and culture and vastly increasing foreign exchange. It takes Inconvenience to foreign persons, and also greatly affects the overall image of our country. Therefore, the author intends to study the translation of public signs, hoping to make its own contribution for the

development of the field.


The second chapter: the present situation of the translation of public signs in tourist attractions in China

2.1An overview of public signs

Public signs is public to see in the public language, refers to the open and public, notices, instructions, tips, display, warning, marking its life, production, life, ecological solidarity text and graphics information publicity language has provided information, encouraged obedience, instant reading, etc., clarity of language information, can instantly increase the tourists travel Hing and information functions of public signs are widely transport service is provided for public facilities, tourist attractions, tourism services, tourism facilities, sports facilities, cultural facilities, health facilities, disabled, security monitoring, and the streets of posters, slogans and other it with our daily life is closely related to the

2.2Types of public signs

Public language is to meet the public's interest for a while, behavior and psychological needs, to provide a kind of information service by the application of public functions, can be divided into the following

The indicative signs are the most common, it to the audience to provide considerate service of information, without any restrictions, such as: University Registrar Enrollment meaning compulsory Services university registration service; Information inquiry service; prompting public signs to indicate, in order to force the audience or let the audience feel the humanistic care purpose. Such as: Detour \ Strcct Closed Sold Out off the street, bypass; sale; action restriction signs of public demands and constraints and requirements of language application is straightforward, but will make people feel tough and strong, unreasonable, for example: Slow Down Stop For Check slow; stop signs; mandatory requirements the public must take any action or small language use tough, straight from, there is no room for discussion for example: No Overtaking ban Overtaking; No

Smoking smoking is forbidden. Call signs to the public propaganda, encouragement, call, language application general statement mostly for example: 'please this queuing "please queue here and so on; advertising signs to provide information services and consumption based, force audience identification services and consumption types and areas, arouse the interest of consumer, such as 50% off

2.3The present situation of the translation of public signs in tourist attractions in China

The domestic study on public signs started late, but the rapid development of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the research of public signs began to grow rapidly and reached the climax of Shanghai municipal government in September set up 2004 afternoon "in public places in Shanghai city Chinese Translation Committee of experts"; September 2005 China should hold the first "signs translation seminar; first Beijing foreign language school has set up a" public signs translation research group ";" Chinese English Dictionary publicity "," manual "English public signs have been published all this shows that the public signs translation is being made for a while and attention from all walks of life in Ningbo, Shanghai and Guangzhou city are carried out study on public signs,

Relevant government departments also vigorously help to correct the specification, the domestic language research in the field of publicity is increasingly perfect translation of public signs is also day by day.

The third chapter: the problems of public signs in scenic spots

Public signs refers to the appearance of the public places in the text or pictures, is to provide instructions, tips, restrictions, mandatory information such as a special style. Public signs are widely used in people's lives, almost everywhere, it is a country's foreign exchange level and the specific embodiment of the cultural environment, is an important window of tourism promotion. Therefore, any inaccuracies, norms on the translation of public signs are likely to affect the interest of tourists, feelings, impressions and travel route choice, development and indirect impact of tourism in china. 'regret is left, many scenic spots of public signs translation mistakes can be seen everywhere, this phenomenon not only loss attractions of brand building and the overall image, but also bring a lot of inconvenience to foreign tourists. Therefore, the study on the problems existing in tourism translation of public signs is particularly important.

3.1The inconsistent and not standardized.

The role of public signs in scenic spots mainly indicating road, direction, and a place for tourists, a scenic areas, scenic spots or facilities should only a translation, but in the translation of tourist attractions is not consistent, non-standard phenomenon is common. The same place of English translation in different places, it is easy to cause the misunderstanding, to bring tourists to distress.

3.2The principle of "functional equivalence" and "faithfulness" are confused.

Some people think that a sign of public signs in Chinese and English should be one-to-one, otherwise it is unfaithful to the original, the tourist attractions of many mechanical Yu to Yu's death translation, make foreign visitors feel puzzling.

3.3Ignore things cultural differences.

In recent years, foreign tourists have come to China to visit, in the process of visiting China's unique cultural atmosphere. Therefore, we should take full account of the differences between the eastern and the western culture in the translation of tourist guide, tourist guide, notice and scenic spots.

3.4The translator's attitude is not serious.

Public signs in scenic spots for the translation of many language errors, such as spelling errors, size error writing, punctuation, single and plural error, misuse of words, missing words add the word, and so on, a lot of mistakes are caused by careless of the translator, and could have been completely avoided.

The fourth chapter is the study of the English translation of public signs in scenic spots

4.1 transliteration method.

For the name and the name of the scenic area can be used transliteration

4.2 free translation method.

Free translation is refers to from the start of meaning, not rigidly adhere to the original sentence syntactic structure, with words and rhetorical means, highlighting its intrinsic meaning, to facilitate visitors understanding of memory.

4.3 transliteration and free translation.

The translation of Chinese natural landscape and the humanities landscape. Most of the use of transliteration and free combination method, names of scenic spots in the case of a Chinese "monomial". In order to take care of the syllable and the foreigners reading habits, it is best to name after Yu and "lake, mountain, Park and other at the same time

4.4 borrowing translation method.

By means of translation, the translation of the Chinese language with a specific cultural expressions and literary allusion, in order to be equivalent.

4.5 sets of translation methods.

The translation method refers to the translation of the original meaning of some fixed structures in the target language. The translation of tourism public signs, can be applied to the existing English public signs, both normative and easy.

The fifth chaptersolutions and suggestions

5.1Establish a sound supervision system.

In recent years, there are a lot of papers on the study of public signs based on theory layer, but there are few researchers dig into the reasons for the translation problems. The translation of the problem may occur in the following aspects: translators improper translation, printing error, hanging signs signs when an error occurs. But there is no relevant oversight bodies to be held in the end is which one aspect of the problem. So we recommend each scenic area management department to improve the degree of attention to this problem, establish relevant supervision mechanism of group and the group of experts, earnestly implement the supervision of public signs from started to translate to the last hanging in the correct position of a link, established the total person in charge, to ensure that the public language translation is correct.

5.2 to establish a perfect review mechanism.

Pointed out that many papers published in the ten years ago on the translation errors in our investigation this year still is not correct. This shows that, although many scholars have pointed out the mistake, but the specific implementation of the relevant departments to review and correct the little, so the rectification work should be further strengthened. The relevant department should establish perfect review mechanism, assessment review of all scenic spots, to correct the problems in the translation of public signs. The relevant departments also required scenic spots on the problem of public signs must carry out rectification in a long time, the two review and then according to the corresponding time.

5.3 the establishment of public complaints and feedback system.

Some scenic spots in the translation error is very obvious, as long as some basic English China visitors will be able to find the problem, and now tourists do not have the appropriate channels and timely feedback the problem. Recommended the establishment of a special point of feedback in tourist attractions, scenic staff regularly by collecting and reporting, the problems will be resolved in a timely manner. Or on the Internet to establish corresponding feedback mechanism platform, let the tourists and citizens anytime, anywhere can be found timely feedback to the network platform, this approach can save time and effort and timeliness.

5.4 introduction of relevant policies and regulations.

We can see that in the translation of public signs so deeply, the fundamental reason is that the rectification work is not in place there is no relevant policies and regulations to regulate the matter. Even the "translation" English bilingual signs in public places in Beijing City, this is only recommended reference standard document, there is no legal benefit. Therefore, suggested that the relevant departments formulating the relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible, so that each link in the process of translation of the relevant personnel can really pay attention to this problem.

5.5 using the general expression.

In order to enhance the scenic image, create the brand of scenic spot must be norms of public signs translation, the best way to solve this problem is directly used international general, customary way of expression, avoid coined, with international standards as soon as possible.

5.6 improve the quality of interpreters.

Is closely related to the external image and interpreter qualities of tourist attractions, the interpreter if there is no solid professional knowledge, the quality of the translation of public signs, commentaries, advertising, tourism, tourist guide, travel schedule, notification is very difficult to guarantee, so be sure to strengthen supervision of the translator. In addition, the translator has no Shirk responsibility, should be strict with their own high standards, and constantly improve the level of business and cultural quality, to ensure that the quality of the target, avoid arbitrary translation, leakage and other issues.


The standardization of the translation of public signs in scenic spots has a great effect on improving the cultural taste of tourist attractions and promoting the rapid development of tourist attractions. But at present, many attractions of the public signs are not standardized, inaccurate, resulting in public signs can not reach the intended purpose. Therefore, we must introduce the relevant norms of public language translation for reference, improve the translator's professional level and quality, and strengthen the supervision mechanism of the masses, from a fundamental change in the status quo of the translation of public signs.


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