AbstractTechnology from the date of birth from the network search, the search engine is affecting the whole world to thunder trend. Baidu and Google is undoubtedly one of the dominant, the fastest growing, most influential and most profit. Today, Google is the real search overlord, while Baidu has become a leader in the field of search  Chinese without controversy. Google and Baidu's growth process has many imilarities, are born in young people on the Internet search technology of persistent; is in groping to find suitable for their own survival and development of enterprises survival mode, and to the industry leading position, access to high-speed development. Author from Baidu and Google different corporate culture analysis of the status quo of compared nuanced description of the corporate culture of the two enterprises, the existence of differences, take its place, put forward own sentiment.

Key words: Baidu, Google, corporate culture, contrast sentiment

1. Literature Review

Study on enterprise culture began in the research field of management culture management rising in 1980s, which is characterized by multidisciplinary application research methods. The concept of enterprise culture from the perspective of social psychology and deep structure are studied systematically, put forward the on-site observation interview and assessment steps of enterprise culture, enterprise culture become the representative of qualitative, but this kind of research is not conducive to the objective measurement and promotion, comparative study and difficult relationship with organizational performance. Using the competitive value theory model, refining the characteristics of organizational culture and measurement dimensions, and the development of organizational culture measurement scales and tools, the research was later widely used in organizational culture measurement & Evaluation and diagnosis, is representative of # quantitative research on corporate culture but such methods are confined to research organization the culture surface, can deep into the structure and internal mechanism of organizational culture. By constructing reflect differences in tissue culture of multi dimension culture model, combined with qualitative and quantitative methods increase dimension measurement, multi dimension evaluation model of organizational culture construction, $of the five dimensions of mental program% is presented for analysis of cultural differences.

2what is corporate culture


Enterprise culture is the enterprise in the socialist market economy practice, and gradually formed for all employees to identify, comply with the values of the enterprise characteristics. Management criteria, management style, enterprise spirit, moral standards, the sum of the development goals. Enterprise culture is the ideology of enterprise business in the form of cultural values, historical tradition, common values, ethics, code of conduct, business leaders, the cultural change is applied to the enterprise, in order to solve the problems of the modern enterprise management, enterprise culture. Enterprise management theory and the theory of enterprise culture management are all in the pursuit of efficiency. But the former is the object of the pursuit of efficiency, the latter is the pursuit of efficiency of the concept of culture consciously applied to the enterprise, the rich creative people as the center of management theory. This guiding ideology is reflected in the enterprise management, it has been called the concept of enterprise culture.


3The difference of Baidu and Google 's corporate culture

According to the micro economic theory, the more competitive the market is, the more effective the market is. The rate of. As mentioned in the previous Baidu and Google is the competition makes Chinese search Cable technology continues to progress, the Chinese search services continue to enrich, users and customers The welfare of the household has been improved. But if there are more competitors to enter Chinese search market, may be more efficient. Chinese search market


There are YAHOO, Sohu and other companies in the field of competition, the existence of these companies And potential competitors are also likely to enter the same Baidu and Google continue to The motivation of improving technology and the theory of competitive market can be considered as long as it does not. There are barriers to entry in the human setting, even if it is a monopolistic market. Field structure can also be efficient.


The competition behavior of the enterprise needs the government to carry on the supervision, the enterprise is not When the unfair competition behavior needs to be regulated. Baidu in the valley There is an unfair competition in the competition, such as Baidu. The "competitive ranking" mode is detrimental to the fair, but also damage the user's Interests. In addition, Baidu's MP3 search business involves copyright issues, though For Baidu and the user, the service is good, but this is a good one. Damage the legitimate rights and interests of all the people of the song, but also not conducive to the public Establishing the consciousness of copyright protection. This is Baidu's unfair competition In order that these acts must be regulated by the corresponding laws and regulations, otherwise Long term look is not conducive to the healthy development of the search engine industry and social equity.


In the perfect competitive market, the short-term marginal returns are decreasing. Economic profit is zero. Although in real life, there are basically no end Fully competitive industry, but if an industry in the enterprise does not carry out technology Improvement and product innovation, the production of homogeneous products, you can only take the price competition Dispute means, and ultimately the same will be the possibility of economic profit tends to zero, And only through constant technological innovation and product differentiation, to avoid Reduce the profit from excessive price war. The main competition between Baidu and Google is technology and product competition rather than price competition, so both can ultimately get a profit. Baidu and Google are promoting the competition between the two.


The rapid development of Chinese search technology, has brought the Chinese search market Prosperity. It also shows us that competition is technological progress and Market effective driving force. We should strengthen Chinese search in the future Industry regulation, to ensure that the market is fair and effective, to protect the search engine The legal rights and interests of the enterprise and the customer and the three party.

Into the Baidu search box building, unlike the Alipay unified style of orange, Baidu can be said to be self-contained, not sticking to formalities. Each employee according to their own preferences to decorate the office area, this also reflects the Baidu free enterprise culture. Graduated in 2009 came to Baidu's Han Yang is now India ide "Internship Project manager. He said, just enter the Baidu some habits. Baidu in some seemingly important million surface too freely, but he believes that in some of the million and L1 of little importance on the Big deal. For example, Baidu to work time and staff are not mandatory. We know that Baidu is the implementation of the "flexible working system", the reference time in ten late six, but the employee can be flexible, free to work time. Employees can dress down even shorts carriage at any level of meeting, can go to work time went to the room sleep, ran to the yoga room to exercise, you can play games, use MSN chat private affair, etc., do not have to have scruples about leadership. And Alibaba emphasize different values, Baidu's employees to arrange everything.


Effective innovation mechanism, and innovation of the extensive participation, positive enthusiasm for innovation is the innovation of three important factors, and the three points is the main problem faced by the current insurance regulation innovation: one is the lack of effective innovation mechanism, as can be seen from the Google company enterprise culture and innovation culture. Innovation needs a complete set of


Good, effective, consistent with the actual mechanism to protect and support. According to the organization of the system, the effective operation of the innovation mechanism, from the structural analysis, at least to include six elements: system, decision-making, security, incentives, information technology. Based innovation, system; positioning innovation, by decision; the existence condition of the innovation, by security; continuation of the innovation of the time, by the incentive; high innovation, rely on information optimization; depth of innovation, rely on technology support. The two is the lack of extensive participation in innovation. Innovation is a talent, but for the body, the insurance regulatory innovation, you need to fully participate in the front-line supervision of cadres, to gather a number of grass-roots supervision of cadres of wisdom. Only stimulate each insurance supervision of cadre’s innovation consciousness, develop the innovation ability of each insurance supervision of cadres, in order to form a virtuous cycle of innovation mechanism, insurance regulation can cause into and vigor. Three is the lack of innovation and passion. Google Corporation co-founder Sergei brin once said: "there is no innovation without passion." Similarly, insurance regulation innovation also need the general supervision of the cadres of the passion, passion can be prompted the majority of cadre’s dare to innovation to solve the insurance supervision is facing new situations and new problems, courage to overcome all kinds of difficulties in the insurance supervision in practice and innovation.

4Comparison of Baidu and Google enterprise culture enlightenment

Whether it is Google or Baidu. It is a unique culture of engineers. Engineers are working on a great flexibility, rather than the traditional one, which requires all employees to be on the assembly line within the specified time. Internal Baidu not punch card system. Also does not mandate work time. Credit personnel at the reception and must be imprisoned outside the Department. Other all the implementation of flexible working hours’ system. The premise is guarantee the quality of work. Technical staff to complete the task can be done at any time and he needs of the partners to discuss the object can be their own department head. Engineers do not need to study the servile workplace culture. Sitting in someone's desk discuss issues. And will not be treated as a "disrespectful. Performance.


In the enterprise culture into "open" thinking like in a backwater into a fresh catfish, or as a lever, "open" will be leveraging the lifeless, conformity of enterprise. To do is cultivate enterprise open to participants thought, or said each enterprise participants thought liberation, encourage them to think about and reflect on the problems existing in the enterprise itself and, admit that occurred in the business process in the subjective and objective fallacy, admit explicit existing enterprise rules and unspoken rules of defects. After in-depth analysis and reflection, enterprises will eventually achieve the nirvana of the phoenix nest like new. Process may be long and painful. Will also touch the vested interests of the interests, but in the criticism and was criticized in the process, new thinking, the idea will be gradually formed, more reasonable and perfect system of rules will be gradually built, good corporate culture will also in the relaxed, rational and humane atmosphere


From Google to Baidu. Their corporate culture has similar place, such as Dongshan is engineer culture. Centering on people and respecting the individuality. Ji Yanhong himself is a. The scholar "and. The "turtle" combination. In Baidu. All meeting rooms are named with the names of the tunes of China. From "Azolla" to "green jade case". To "tallest building" Said. These names are basically out of the. Turtle Li Yanmi.


Facing the fierce international competition. Chinese IT enterprise leek should be encouraged in the enterprise to form the global culture. From a global perspective view of strategic opportunities. In order to better seek development. The process of enterprise culture change, which is to overcome many of the information asymmetry. Is limited to the communication technology or people's cognitive ability and the formation of. Enterprise managers can get more information through the internal network. And employees to transfer values. Through the external network to the public to promote corporate philosophy. The value of corporate communications and its products. Seek the cultural identity of the inside and outside the enterprise.


The revolution in information technology that is shaping the lives of the most, is as deep as the industrial revolution that shaped our predecessors in nineteenth Century. Information technology has not only changed the way the existing industries operate. It has become the new engine of social change, but also makes the new industry rise. Regardless of is the valley of thatching J: Paige is Baidu; Robin Li. Search engine enterprise managers are very clear: strict management cannot command with a creative road team. Traditional enterprises to use the manual specification of the management practice of every detail, in the development of technology to rely on innovation to survive the IT Therefore, the outstanding and successful IT companies have a strong corporate culture. Pay attention to all levels of management, as well as all the key elements of the leadership of the art of the art of the company. Its operating performance is far more than those who do not have corporate cultural characteristics of the company.


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