Abstract: with China's further integration with the world, China's demand for English talent is growing, the ability to cross cultural exchanges put forward higher requirements. As an important source of English talents, College English education is becoming more and more important. Now English teaching methods are constantly enriched, the English original film education as an auxiliary means of teaching has achieved good results. The author believes that the use of English original movies in oral English teaching, can create a relaxed learning environment. It can not only improve the students' listening and speaking ability, and can understand the world of English cultural knowledge, improve students' cross culture communication ability. But using English original sound film to carry on the spoken language teaching, must grasp the correct strategy, can obtain the anticipated effect.

Key words: English; original sound film; oral English Teaching

1 Introduction

The original English film for open English language learning is a very good resource, but also can be used effectively, College English teachers and students will gain a lot. The original English film used in college oral English teaching, is entertaining, multiplier. Because the original English movies as the carrier of language, it comes from life, the language itself is authentic spoken English, and in the whole society for non English speaking environment, in direct and expatriates long time high density contact opportunity after all limited, based on the original English movies to learn spoken English is always most college students in China, even for most Chinese English learners, access to authentic spoken English and improve their English is an important channel. In addition, the original English film for college students to build a bridge of cultural communication, and the integration of audio and video in one, quite artistic and image, more interesting. Therefore, the original English movies in college oral English teaching, students learning English enthusiasm be fully mobilized, interest in learning is also good to stimulate the up, speaking ability has been greatly improved, intercultural communicative competence has been improved.

2.There are problems of oral English Teaching

2.1 objective problems

2.1.1 school insufficient attention to oral English class

In many colleges and universities, no matter from the curriculum structure, curriculum system, or the curriculum arrangement and so on, the oral English course is not enough to pay attention to. Especially in non English majors, College English curriculum is divided into two major categories of reading and listening. Because of the intensive reading class, teaching involves a wide range of knowledge, language, and covers a large number of vocabulary, grammar, basic knowledge, widespread concern by the students, the students think intensive reading courses, from the intensive reading class can learn knowledge, in the exam can improve performance, flat when reading is widely used; listening and speaking class due to class size and teaching facilities, class mostly to students "listening", left speaking time is less understood, oral English expression is still lack of exercise and the students think listening and speaking course is not essential, attendance rate is not high.

2.1.2 teacher's own level is limited and teaching equipment resources are scarce

As college English teachers, we have the responsibility to strengthen the improvement of Chinese culture, familiar with the Chinese and foreign culture, the English and Chinese two languages at the same time, strive to make their own language to improve the level of leap. Again, teachers must be familiar with the characteristics and differences between English and Chinese two languages, which plays an important role in improving the effectiveness of oral English teaching. Finally, many of the University's language test equipment is old, the function of a single, individual colleges and universities teachers should carry the traditional tape recorder in class, which can not meet the requirements of the new era of spoken language teaching.

2.1.3 teaching ideas, methods and contents of backward

College English teaching, whether in teaching ideas, teaching methods or teaching materials, still lay particular stress on the interpretation and emphasis of lexical grammar and other language points, ignoring the improvement and cultivation of oral English ability. Some college oral English class without the use of materials, also some old teaching material, teachers as death moving materials, do not have their own innovation, and teaching method of old-fashioned, single mode, is monotonous, the classroom atmosphere is dead, the attraction for students is not enough to cause students enough attention, to no avail.

2.2 subjective problems

2.2.1 English language foundation is weak

Although years or even longer has six or seven college students' English learning, but still able to expose the problems of weak language skills. Their English basic knowledge is not solid, known as small vocabulary, grammar mistakes frequently. Nonstandard pronunciation and intonation, pronunciation is not accurate, even more time in construction of English sentences in Chinese way of thinking, English speaking, resulting in speaking English to speak in a queer way, in the mouth of the English "did not understand the Chinese people, foreigners do not understand what is heard.

2.2.2 lack of confidence in oral expression

Due to the input of the contemporary classroom too much emphasis on knowledge, ignoring the output or output is insufficient and college students of English vocabulary of the little hands, tone of voice and language ability to use the lack of college students of oral expression lack of confidence that have nothing to say or make mistakes and shame in opening; Chinese students more implicit modest, class are not willing to take the initiative to speak, extracurricular and people do not want to communicate their ideas, more reluctant to communicate with strangers. So students open, accurate smooth expression is more difficult, more afraid of the more don't dare to say the less said the less said, continuously for a long time, resulting in a vicious circle, which restrict the improvement of oral English teaching and college students' oral English ability.

2.2.3 ignore the differences between English and Chinese culture and language thinking

Smooth spoken communication is only one of the forms of pragmatic communication, and it is the mutual understanding and recognition of the different cultures and ways of thinking which are represented by the two parties. Chinese culture and English national culture, although there are some similar or similar, but the main body is very different. Cultural differences resulted in both English and Chinese languages in the form of expression, ways of thinking, internal system and pragmatic conditions are not the same. Therefore, from the perspective of intercultural communication, students should not only pay attention to the study of the English language system, training and basic skills training, but also pay attention to the impact of cultural differences on oral communication skills. However, students often ignore this, cause in the oral communication follows the Chinese expression, resulting in confusion, logic errors, I lied, although talk fluently and smoothly, but make the listener confused, dazed unintelligible, eventually leading to miscommunication.

3 the advantages of the original sound film

3.1 enrich the content of classroom teaching, improve the learning efficiency

In traditional English teaching mode, teachers will spend most of the time on grammar and vocabulary to explain, after class, students and then a lot of knowledge to practice, recite. Of course, this approach is still very effective against high school students in the exam or college entrance examination. But with the change of age and learning stage, continue to use the boring teaching methods for College English teaching is very far fetched. With the deepening of the study, students' understanding and understanding of College English is constantly strengthened, which makes them have great changes in the way and purpose of English learning. Middle school English learning, the goal is to achieve good results in the examination. So in College English learning, in the premise of keeping the former target, students is more focus on how to improve the self on the English language application ability, make it as a tool to communicate and their flexible use, so that they can stand out in the competition for jobs after graduating from intense. The change of this study aims to emphasize that the teaching content of College English should be paid attention to, and the use of the original film to help college English teaching meets the requirement.

3.2 to strengthen the students' English listening and speaking ability

Through the appreciation of the original sound film, students can feel a real English language environment, language learning and the specific context of the combination, to stimulate their interest in learning to imitate. In viewing the process, compared with the traditional classroom, the students more focused, positive thinking, and combined with learned knowledge of the language points in the film for conjecture and assumptions, and can convert the voice, image and text image of auditory visual symbols for information, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm to, make the audience is no longer a burden, but a natural habit and enjoy, enjoy and improve the English listening ability. In addition, through the appreciation of the original sound film can also help students improve their oral English. In the teaching of English listening and speaking, the author found that students generally have good listening and oral English is poor. Many students are too shy to speak in practice, even if a very simple exchange is to be carefully considered to speak out. In addition to the lack of practice, another reason for this problem is the lack of English communication in the process of the integration of words and sentences. And most of the original sound film in addition to the use of standard voice for dialogue, the other feature is that it covers a large number of life of the language, including the precise words with the original sentence structure. For example, in many of the film will often hear is "I can tell" this sentence, "tell" intention "tell ', and the meaning of this sentence is" I can perceive, which students intuition that mean have very different, it is such a strong contrast, let them to "tell" the colloquial produce a new understanding. Instead, it strengthens the memory of this sentence.

3.3 enhance students' awareness of cross cultural communication

So-called cross-cultural communication, the communication between native speakers and non-native speakers, also refers to the communication between the people in language and cultural background, there are differences. Professor at the University of California C. Kramsch in the book also once pointed out: master a language does not have been limited to learning the language itself and in the language learning, the cultural knowledge of the target language is not only training an important aspect of communicative competence, but also the requirements of education itself is a. For a non English language learners, want more skillfully use the language, it is necessary to understand the cultural background, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding caused due to the cultural differences in the process of communication. In this view, college students should be very good to learn English national cultural background knowledge. With this feature, using the original film to assist teaching is the best way for students to learn the cross cultural communication.

4.The application of the original film in college oral English Teaching

4.1 film selection principles

4.1.1 subject matter to moderate

There are a variety of original sound movies, but not every film is suitable for English teaching. Many students in the process of viewing are too concerned about the film's plot and content, while ignoring the teacher's language point of introduction and explanation, thus unable to achieve the desired results. The starting point of this course is to create a good language learning environment for students to help students improve their comprehensive ability. Which indicates that using the original sound movie assisted teaching focus is "learning" and not simply enjoy the film, so the teacher in the selection of films should strictly on the theme, including those to regular teaching film should is preferred, and entertainment too strong or contains too much violence films should not is placed in the selection range list.

4.1.2 the degree of difficulty of dialogue to be appropriate

The English dialogue in the original movie is the main source of information for students to learn English in the classroom. Although most of the original sound film presented by the English pronunciation is very standard, but the dialogue with the difficulty of the degree of vocabulary is not the same. Here said the dialogue "degree of difficulty" is a relative concept, although some films contain a large number of words, speech is very fast, it is not easy to understand language, but the language accumulation of high grade students relatively rich, enjoy on the soundtrack of the film complex but is a good opportunity to improve learning then, the so-called "hard" can be "simple", on the contrary, if the film is a low grade students to play, students will fully listen to the dialogue content do not understand the film, it will disrupt their enthusiasm for learning to imitate, which blindly refer to Chinese subtitles, not thinking full of language and learning, unable to reach the final purpose of learning, so you want to let the students through the movies better into the language of imitation learning atmosphere, the teacher in the film Material should be at the level of checks, to consider the students to understand the words of the ability to screen out the film according to the difficulty of the dialogue, for different levels of class to play. For example, Disney produced the best animated film: "long hair Princess", "Toy Story" and so on. The characteristics of this kind of movie dialogue is articulate, moderate speed in understanding the content is also quite easy, very suitable for listening and speaking ability is relatively weak students to watch. Even in very uncommon words, also because of the interest in learning and become easier and to equipped with certain language based on the sophomore students, you can choose some film and its major associated

4.2 application

4.2.1 repeat in English

By the students to choose a more exciting film characters or roles, to imitate their pronunciation, intonation, rhythm and speed. Such imitation exercises must be carried out many times before they can help to acquire accurate and fluent oral English. It is a summary of the contents of the students after watching the film, so that the training helps to improve the students' ability of logical expression.

4.2.2Role of voice

Voice is a very attractive and challenging activity. The teacher can choose a few movie scenes, the picture is silent play, by the students for the actor. This activity is very high, the student must first write down accurately the dialogues between the characters, then to imitate the actor's tone and language to speak and do so vivid, so as to meet the specific performance of the film scene. This activity requires students to do a lot of preparation, in order to achieve pronunciation tunnel, full of feelings, the performance of the natural.

4.2.3 role playing group

"Role play" means to let the students play the role of the play, to reproduce the scene, by means of simulation further deepen students' impression of the film, so as to improve the efficiency of learning "role play" in several ways: after watching the movie, the teacher can play out a fragment or a scene in the role assigned to the students, let the students say the practice, training students' ability of oral English; or the teacher to provide role content and a culture, let the students according to their own understanding after the play, to watch movies, so you can compare yourself to understand the film and culture to convey culture, better grasp the differences between the two sides of culture; or a teacher can let students first voice cancel, just look at the picture, then your imagination play the role in the play according to their own design. Lines, after watching the film, so that students can be more active mouth to speak. Either way, can encourage students to take the initiative to integrate into the study, and create a relaxed learning atmosphere, you can make the students have a pleasant learning process.

4.2.4 discussion group on the subject of English Debate

Teachers can organize students to movie plot, character, language, culture, or even a sentence of the impression profound lines open comment. The form can be asked and answered, imagine the opposite a listener, or by the teacher to ask questions of collective discussion and group discussions. Middle school students in the process of discussion can be appropriate to use the characters in the film characters, expressions and gestures, etc..

5 conclusions

English original movies as a medium of communication, has the incomparable superiority in promoting college English teaching, it improves the previous single boring of traditional English teaching mode, can not only enrich the content of classroom teaching, improve the efficiency of learning, but also for students to create a relaxed atmosphere for learning, so that students can take an active part in English learning and application, in the happy growth of knowledge.


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