Abstract: under the new situation, primary school English teaching into play a role, is not only the primary English teaching task and target of the inherent requirements of and create good teaching situation, good teaching and learning context, enhancing the students' language ability and interpretation of teaching text in the role of the best form. The cultivation of pragmatic competence in primary school English teaching is very important, and the role playing method is an effective method in English classroom teaching. Through the analysis of the necessity of English classroom teaching in primary school, this part puts forward the application strategy of role playing method in primary school English classroom teaching.

Key words: primary school English; role play; effectiveness; strategy

1.introduction of scenic spots

This paper discusses the role of play as an English classroom teaching activities in the application of research. From the 1950s interim role play as a method of psychological education by Western psychologists attention, and began to study it, such as Sven Goran Eriksson's eight stage theory raises the self with a role confusion. Then role play is the United States some teaching theory researchers introduced into classrooms, began to explore the teaching effect, after decades of continuous development and improvement, the role play has become the widely application of the teaching mode for the teaching of many subjects. Because role play is more able to provide students with thinking about space and performance opportunities than other teaching models, it has been favored by foreign teaching reformers. In recent years the role play teaching in our country began to have attracted the attention of some educators, but from the point of view of practical application, most of which have been limited in the teaching of literary works, mainly is to let students by playing the character works, deepen understanding of their plot of the contents of memory and characters. However, role play is not only such a function, it also has a higher level of teaching goals. In our society, parents and teachers to pay more and more attention to students' emotions and values education, so it is necessary for us to role play the basic principle, teaching process and the implementation of in-depth research, making it in addition to outside literary works teaching play an effective role.

2.role play analysis

2.1 definition of role play

We believe that the role is a true story of the scene simulation teaching activities, the students play the characters in the activity, according to the role and students' understanding of the role of let it come out. While English role play teaching is a kind of role theory to the practice of English teaching activities. It is an English language teaching purpose and according to the requirements for students to simulate the teaching material in the story scene in teaching, use English to express the content and cultural role required. In the teaching activities, students must according to the context and the different roles of identity in English speak appropriate words, and the role of the behavior.

2.2 role play teaching significance

Role play to establish a good teacher-student relationship in teaching. Can effectively improve the classroom activities, the classroom role socialization, allowing the students to choose their own way to interact with teachers and other students; improved students and teachers in the teaching role, while the role of teaching activities, students should become active participants in the learning knowledge from passively absorbing knowledge, active learning, teachers not only to become knowledge, but also a student learning facilitator, curriculum and activities of the designer, learning consultant, coordinator, interpretation, evaluation and so on. We are in a deep understanding of role-playing connotation on the basis, applied to English teaching practice, to further understand the role play teaching method is not only fun, it is to students as the center, task as the carrier of classroom communicative activities, also can exercise the students psychological quality and develop students' ability to adapt to society. Famous English education expert Liu Daoyi professor believes that should make the teaching process of the communication, the English teaching process into the process of verbal communication, let the students in appropriate language situation and appropriate communicative situation, appropriate use of language, especially authentic language materials, and by using the language successfully achieve the communicative purpose of pleasure, resulting in a strong interest in learning English. (Liu Daoyi, 2001) role not only attaches importance to grammar ability, but also attaches great importance to the cultivation of communicative competence. Therefore, to carry out activities play a role in the teaching of English, not only has important theoretical significance, but also practical.

3 the application of role play in English Teaching in primary school

3.1 role play function

3.1.1 helps to stimulate students' English learning interest in English Japanese

Confucius said: "those who know better than the good, good as happy person." Especially in the primary school stage, students are easily driven by interest in learning, to let students continue to maintain interest in learning English is also "English curriculum standard" requirements. Thus, the importance of English learning interest in japanese. In the traditional way of teaching primary school English winking in the form of often single and boring, it is difficult to arouse the students' interest in learning, teachers in the classroom of dominance, the students lack of personalized and opportunities for self display. Role play through the creation or simulation of a certain situation, with its vivid role image, rich content of the plot to attract students, let it in a relaxed and pleasant classroom atmosphere active participation. Similarly, role play for each student provides opportunities for self display, original dead winking in English classroom has become a vibrant, so as to stimulate students' learning desire of English winking.

3.1.2 helps to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between teachers and students

"No man is an island." We are not independent from others, especially in the modern information society, we need more exchanges and cooperation. Therefore, communication and cooperation are very important in role play. The reason is that the role played by many people to cooperate in a way to carry out. Students according to the requirements and the theme of the role played by cooperation role-playing tasks, overcoming obstacles in communication and cooperation, brainstorming, eliminate anxiety sense and a sense of tension; in situational simulations dealing with interpersonal relationships, language exchange and communication, for a career in the future lay a good basis for cooperation.

3.1.3 helps to improve students' English communicative competence

One of the aims of learning English is to use English language communication. Role play as a communicative teaching method in a typical representative of activities, help to improve the English communicative ability of students. In the traditional primary school English winking in the classroom, too much concern expressed in students' English winking the correctness and fluency, and neglected the English language communication. Role play a scene and networking opportunities for students, students can through the play to perception and use of language and actively involved in the English winking expression and communication activities to play the role of identity.

3.2 play a role in Teaching

3.2.1 role playing principle.

A: situational principle

Role play is defined as the use of specific activities of the scene or provide a certain learning resources to stimulate students' interest in active learning, improve learning efficiency of a teaching method. Therefore, role play teaching method is actually a kind of scene performance activities, how to let the students have the feeling of immersive, fast into the performance state, can not be separated from the scene to support the creation of. Scenes generally have environmental scenarios and materials, in the role of teaching activities to be used in these two scenarios.

B: common principle

The common principle is to let the students participate in the role playing activities, which can embody the principle of fairness in teaching. Because the students have the desire for self-expression, and actively participate in teaching activities, keenly aware of in practice

To participate in the teaching activities than the pure individual learning more effective.

C: interesting principles

Role plays the main purpose is to arouse the interest of students to learn, so as to change the passive acceptance for active learning. So the teaching content should be in line with the characteristics of the students' physical and mental characteristics, can arouse students' interest, not to let the students feel the boring boring, and finally achieve the classroom atmosphere active effect.

D: appropriate to participate in the principle of

Appropriate to participate in the principle is that when the role of the activities of some problems encountered, the teacher should be properly adjusted, sometimes to participate in the role play activities. For example, sometimes students in the process of playing, only focus on the language content of the expression, while ignoring the fluency and accuracy of language, this time the teacher will need to intervene, master the correct direction. At the same time, the teacher's proper participation, students' enthusiasm will be higher, the classroom atmosphere more active, while the relationship between teachers and students more close.

3.2.2 role playing problem

A:How to implement the role of role play in different learning stages

Role play teaching method in early childhood education, primary school, primary school, University (key university, general undergraduate, college, vocational college) can be applied in English classroom teaching.

Early childhood education role played by applying our material to extraordinarily pay attention to interest, simplicity is sometimes a few simple dialog) at the same time material content must with the teaching object of psychological and physiological characteristics of phase matching. At this stage the role playing teaching method is more focused on the cultivation of children's interest, try not to make the children feel difficult in the activities of the existence. It is well known that interest is the best teacher. We believe that the teaching method which is more than the traditional teaching method can arouse the children's interest in English, but not to feel that it is a burden.

Role play in primary school English classroom teaching should focus on the cultivation of students' interest, under the guidance of this aim appropriately small amount in the material increase some of the more common everyday language, while playing a small amount of English culture permeated in the process of. In this way, students can not only stimulate the interest in English learning, but also acquire some English language information.

In primary school English learning tasks than primary and early childhood stage is very different, the difficulty greatly increased

Plus, if using more traditional teaching method student will feel quite dull and lose the motivation and interest in learning. However, role play teaching method is like a taste of goods to the swap enable classroom activities back to life. Role play activities in this phase of the implementation in addition to the obvious increase in the selection of knowledge of the difficulty of the knowledge, teachers in the role of play in the role of control to become a guide, give students a free space to play.

B: how to play the role of the different nature of the role play

English classroom teaching is mainly divided into professional English teaching and public English teaching. As for non English major students, in their course of study and English accounted for the proportion of lighter, there are many students of English are not interested, do not attach importance to or foundation is bad, so the role playing in the public English Teaching in the process of implementation to stimulate students interest throughout. Performance materials not only to contain required in university stage of vocabulary, sentence patterns and idioms, still close to the students' life, let the students want to speak, to speak, so that the students not only gain knowledge of the English language, but also for their university life to add color, so as to stimulate the interest of students in classroom English learning.

C:How to play the role of different text genres

The common English text genre: narrative, expository and argumentative, narrative notes and generally have two kinds of scenery. Because the complete story plot and character notes text, teachers only need to let the students according to the characters the textbook content integrated into each persona, forming a vivid script. The article, not directly set the characters, but we provide the implementation of role play, teachers should require students to group cooperation, according to certain text layout dialogue content and effectively words.

4 role play in the classroom application

4.1 to learn the target as the core

Any kind of teaching concept and teaching methods must serve the teaching objectives, role playing method with no exception whatsoever. Adhering to this principle, the teacher should take the learning goal as the core in the application of the role playing method. In order to better achieve aims to learn the core objective, teachers in the design of the role play teaching plan, first of all should be listed in the teaching aims of this unit, such as in addition to she s...'s s... this I,, unit 3 my friend, the unit also require students to to master and skilled use of goodbye and see you and hear read write HH, II, JJ, KK Yu mother, will sing the "goodbye" song and so on. Secondly, still should in students to play a role in the process of observing the use of teaching content, try to ensure that play to cover the entire learning content, students' excessive play to avoid and distracted the attention of learning.4.2 to streamline the requirements of the actual

Taking into account the limited time in the classroom and the short duration of the student's attention, the teacher should also be required to streamline the practice when applying the role playing method. Teachers should try to reduce the hedge between the links, the whole process of the role simulation as simple as possible. On the one hand, it is the respect for students' cognitive ability and simulation ability, on the other hand, it is the control of the classroom efficiency. Because role simulation is just one of the links in a class, rather than the whole, in order to better grasp the principles of streamlining the actual. First, teachers can be strictly controlled in time, generally five to ten minutes is appropriate, too short too long is not conducive to the development of teaching activities; second, teachers should also pay attention to the role of the actual.

4.3 role simulation as a way

One of the most important parts of the role playing method is the role simulation. In the teaching practice, many teachers tend to be confused with the role model and scenario creation method, because the latter is also a virtual environment, let the students think and learn in a virtual environment. On the basis of this, teachers should always keep in mind the role of simulation as a way, students should be respected, close to the role of the role of the largest and most of the characters in the interpretation of the characters.


In short, the primary school students are a group of lively nature, the outside world has a strong curiosity of the group, while in a very strong plasticity phase. They need to be guided, but also excluded from the box type, rigid command teaching; they love to play, but it is easy to spread in the fun of learning and spiritual cohesion. Therefore, in order to balance between study and play, teachers can grasp the learning characteristics of the group, focused on learning objectives, the design of the training set to streamline the actual requirements, in the role of simulation for the role play teaching method, textbook knowledge points, including vocabulary, sentence patterns and grammar design training for dialogue, narration and role play in the process of each content, through melting willing to science, contain study in music teaching method to make students happy to learn English, learn English easily. This is not only the current curriculum reform advocated by a concept and spirit, but also the future education should be respected as a tendency and trend.


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