Abstract: with the reform of English Teaching in secondary schools, the new syllabus for compulsory education in junior high school English teaching purposes and has a higher, updated requirements. This article intends to explore the application of body language in English Teaching in middle school and its positive role from the role of body language in daily communication.

Key words: body potential; gesture; body language; English Teaching

1. Preface

In the new curriculum reform, middle school English advocates "double master" (that is, the leading role of teachers and students of the main role). Open interest driven teaching thought has gradually become the mainstream of English Teaching in middle schools. Therefore, in the classroom teaching, teachers in the full use of language means, if can skillfully use the body potential, gestures, expressions and other body language, will achieve a better teaching effect, improve the quality of teaching.

2 .the necessity of using body language in English Teaching

2.1Physical and psychological characteristics of students

(1) the structure and function of the human brain and the rule of man's memory determine the necessity of the use of body language:

From the content of the memory, the content stored in the memory, the performance of the form can be divided into two categories of words and expressions. The image of the objective thing kept in memory, called the memory representation. The memory of a large number of people belongs to the memory of words, which is a unique form of human memory. Words have a high degree of generality, but also can play a role in the signal, so that the people may be able to master the rules and methods of memory, improve memory efficiency. On the image and word in understanding the role of things in the process of, if from Pavlov's two signal systems collaborative activity theory explain, is not difficult to understand, by image and word that indicates the content can obtain the best memory effect. Therefore, we are in the process of learning, to accumulate knowledge, master the contents of the study, the use of words and words of the two forms of memory will be better.

(2) the cognitive development of students, the distribution of attention, the characteristics of the behavior of the body to determine the necessity of the use of language:

1) the law of cognitive development of students:

Children's level of intellectual development is different, and the pattern of knowledge and experience of the outside world is different. Bruner (Bruner believes that there are three ways to represent knowledge and experience, these three methods in children from baby to adolescent sequence occurrence, development, as follows: "action representation" mode, "the vivid representation model and symbol representation" mode.

According to the theory of 3-11. 12 years old children (kindergarten and primary school) in the stage of image representation is the big development period of image thinking, suitable for the use of intuitive teaching methods. Such as the use of physical teaching, pictures, video etc.. Is also suitable for use to mimic the body language teaching effectiveness of the image enhancement; 11. 12-}-15 year old juvenile (primary school high grade and the junior middle school stage) in symbolic representation stage that abstract thinking development stage is an important period for language learning, is the most suitable for using the symbolic gesture language in this period. With the development of abstract thinking and language, the dependence of human on body language is declining, so in high school or college, the frequency of using body language in the classroom is significantly reduced.

2) the distribution of attention:

Educational psychology research shows that things are more attractive to students than static things; novelty is more attractive to students than boring. Therefore, using image and vivid body language in English teaching is an effective way to attract and keep students' attention and improve the teaching effect.

2.2The relationship between verbal communication and nonverbal communication

 In the foreign language classroom, as long as through nonverbal (by the use of pictures, multimedia, gestures or verbal means (known to students of the language to explain or repeatedly cited so as to abstract concepts) to enable students to understand the students themselves, will never use Chinese. Of course, this approach also has shortcomings: one, not directly. Sometimes gesturing around a circle, just to explain a very simple English concept. Two, unknown. Not all linguistic phenomena can be understood by means of a means other than Chinese translation. So it is a part of the students after class people think. In this case, the role of the Chinese language is highlighted. So in a given situation, it is necessary to use the mother tongue. But must be controlled, compressed to a minimum.

3. the advantage of using body language

3.1 image intuitive, easy to understand

Compared with verbal communication, body language is intuitive and easy to understand. For example, waving one's hand is to say "goodbye", a smile and a handshake, and clapping congratulations way. The teaching of words through the action will make the students more easy to understand, easy to remember.

3.2 lively and interesting, lively classroom atmosphere

American psychologist Robert the Bruce had to teacher's body language like this: "body language of teachers help students maintain a longer attention, in order to complete the task, can yet be regarded as a kind of powerful measures." The teacher is in the classroom on the proper use of body language can make students feel interest, active classroom atmosphere.

3.3 enhance teachers and students emotion

Research shows that if teachers learn how to use body language more effectively in the classroom, the relationship between teachers and students will be improved. Moreover, students' cognitive ability and learning efficiency will be improved." In the classroom for students who do not seriously listen to the teacher, the teacher is to blame the eyes of a more effective than the language. When the students answer questions, the teacher's trust in the eyes, expectations are often more able to give students the strength and warmth. Sometimes, some students because they are too shy to answer questions loudly, the teacher a smile can give them courage, more effective than the language to encourage.

4 the principle of using body language

4.1 fit principle

Master Shakespeare said: "language is the simple wisdom of the soul, long is the superficial embellishments." When knowledge points have great difficulty, teachers can use body language to help students understand the problem. At the same time, changes in body language can not be too broken, too much, moderate, appropriate, natural generous body language will give people a sense of beauty; the teacher's body should be in place, standardized, easy to understand, accept and understand the students. The use of body language to have an overall concept, to achieve accurate and appropriate. This "degree", it is

Is subject to the expression of sound language needs, for the expression of content services. Can not be used, but also can not be abused. No, the language expression is stiff; abuse, they will dominate the weakened effect of expression of sound language. Generally speaking, body language is mostly in the expression of meaning or emotional process in the most important, the most critical part. In this way, it is not required that every sentence, every word should be attached to the body language.

4.2 coordination principle

English teachers' body language must obey the teaching contents and expression, and integrated with the teaching content, avoid rote and affectation. On the one hand, the movements of various body languages should cooperate with each other. On the other hand, body language should be harmonious and unified with the content of the language. Body language is to express the content of the service, it should be organically combined with the expression of content. Teachers must pay attention to this problem in the classroom, otherwise it is difficult to play its due effect.

5.The role of body language in English Teaching in middle school

5.1 body language manners functions in English Teaching

The first impression that the students entered the classroom is the beginning of the whole image of the teachers. The teacher is not only teachers' mental state or deportment manners, but also the significance and function of teaching information transfer. When the teacher entered the classroom, steady pace, calm and confident, moderate speed, clean clothing, elegant hairstyle, face smile to the students compliments. Such manners will give students bring natural and steady manner, giving them good kind of first impression, and the students' psychological stability. In class, if you can move properly in the classroom, the classroom atmosphere will become easy, and can promote teacher-student bilateral teaching activity, to close the relationship between teachers and students, strengthen emotional communication between teachers and students in the classroom, shorten the psychological distance between teachers and students, to enable students to produce a warm, cheerful, positive emotional experience, so as to promote the teaching and learning of virtuous cycle, to moisten things silently.

5.2 the expression function of body language in English Teaching

In teaching, teachers must pay attention to their own body, always thinking about their own body will give students the impact. When the teacher enraptured, radiant board on the platform, the students will feel relaxed and happy, relaxed mood, the classroom atmosphere will become very harmonious; when teachers frosty, and color metal graily appeared on the platform, students will feel nervous, scared, classroom atmosphere will become dull. It can be seen that the expression function of body language can get twice the result with half the effort in English classroom teaching. Good English teachers can look subtly control students emotional waves, with their eyes and students to interact and exchange ideas, dedicating. Class, if found to have students make the petty action or thought absquatulate, teachers can immediately closed for a moment, and watch the student, which can immediately aroused the attention of the absent-minded student. English teachers in the classroom interaction to according to the different teaching content and teaching, conscious use of body language, judge students master the teaching content, student movements and expressions change observation, timely collection and feedback of teaching information.

5.3 the function of imitation of body language in English Teaching in classroom

Imitation is the originator of the English classroom teaching art. If the teacher can properly grasp the imitation function of body language, English classroom teaching content set to explain the profound things in a simple way, vivid, lively and interesting, urge the effect of progress. In the teaching of English conversation, and body language imitation function is particularly prominent, imitate not only can create and teaching contents of the simulated scenarios, and can stimulate students' motivation in English learning and to participate in the teaching activities of interest. In this way, not only the active classroom atmosphere, but also the students learned to use English imperceptibly flexibly.

5.4The role of body language in English Classroom Teaching

It is suggested that people are in the process of communication, in order not to make the information of the recipient feel embarrassed or upset, and the use of some special body to replace the sound language, so that the exchange process has become more polite. Such as the students answer questions, teachers use a kind of light, and with a smile watching students at the same time with the harmonious and facial expressions, and with the sound of language and their corresponding and can give students a relaxed and happy feeling, so as to reduce or eliminate the students especially timid character of students' anxiety, strengthens the student to learn English self-confidence, urges the student speak boldly in the classroom. Visible teachers skillfully use body language that function, help students overcome the weakness in her character, culture to overcome learning difficulties and the courage, eliminate the anxiety of English language learning, stimulate their English learning motivation, optimize the teaching quality of English language classroom.

5.5 the role of body language in the classroom teaching

In English classroom teaching, in order to make up the deficiency of language, to make sure that the language is concise, and to strengthen the information degree of the language, teachers should use body language to optimize the teaching process. Such as teachers in the class during the question, asked the question, while raising the right hand, even if the teacher does not say: can answer the question Who students will also take the initiative to raise their hands and answer this question. Teachers should face up to the students to answer the questions, showing the confidence of the eyes.

5.6The negative effect of body language in English Teaching in middle school

In the teaching of English, all the bad expressions and the habit of action have a negative effect on classroom teaching. If the teacher is not aware of this, it will hurt the students' feelings in purpose or intention, resulting in the result of the education purpose. Such as: some teachers do not pay attention to the first impression, strode hurriedly broke into the classroom, to students with sense of insecurity and tension; some teachers dress too bright, styles too fashionable, wear too exposed and will bring adverse effects to the students, easy to disperse students focus; the teacher mouth light dull staring at the class, the students, or side students or repetitive rapid eye movement, or board a and hole, unsmiling, display their own authority and dignity, to bring about the psychology of the students, thus affecting the teaching effect in the classroom.


From the role of body language in English teaching, it can only play a supplementary and non decisive role. In the field of English teaching, the study of body language is not a big problem. This determines the current research status of body language: in elementary and middle schools, some teachers use a lot is known understood; some teachers only pay attention to the language teaching but ignore the existence of non verbal communication, resulting in lack of communicative competence in students' non; some class negative body language Bibi are all accepted without question... Why have these problems? The reason is that awareness of the problem, is the understanding of the importance of the problem of insufficient, rather than ability. The purpose of this paper is to arouse the attention and study of body language of English teachers.


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