Abstract: in order to guarantee a half oil-free piston compressor out the compressed gas oil free, has carried on the innovation in structure, structure of absorbing and cross, in the cross head installed oil scraper ring, at the same time to absorbing the air ventilation with certain pressure, to control the lubricating oil is not string into the compression chamber. T2 two-stage compressor of air compressor power calculated from the fly wheel base, at the same time accurately internal force of the motor parts, the analysis on compressed and increase the appropriate weight on crankshaft counterweight, balance the force of the internal parts, basically eliminated the vibration of the compressor unit. In engineering test phase, according to the requirements of national standards for compressor, the compressor exhaust, fuel consumption, exhaust temperature, vibration and noise, such as parameter measurement, and the fatigue test. Experimental data shows that meet the requirements of national standards for compressor and design input requirements.

key words air compressor; Compressor test

Working principle of T2 Two-Stage air compressor

T2 two-stage compressor of air compressor is by a pair of parallel teeth of yin and Yang, the rotor (or screw) in the cylinder rotation, the rotor slot between the air constantly generate periodic changes in volume, air is along the axis of the rotor by the suction side is transmitted to the output side, air compressor suction, compression and exhaust of the whole process. Air compressor air inlet and the air outlet are respectively arranged at both ends, the female rotor groove and the male rotor tooth is main drive motor and rotating. The compressor is driven by an electric motor, which causes the crankshaft to rotate, and drives the connecting rod to cause the piston to move back and forth, causing the cylinder volume to change. Because of the changes of in cylinder pressure, the inlet valve the air enters the cylinder through the air filter (silencers), in the compression stroke, due to the reduction of the volume of the cylinder, compressed air through the exhaust valve, exhaust pipe, one-way valve (check valve) into the gas tank, when the exhaust pressure reaches the rated pressure of 0.7MPa is controlled by the pressure switch and automatic shutdown. When the pressure of the gas storage tank is reduced to 0.5--0.6MPa, the pressure switch is automatically connected to start up.

Learning outcomes

T2 double-stage air compressor for various performance tests

Content and introduced

one, T2 two-stage compressor exhaust air flow measurement, and the customer request the exhaust flow rate of 1.0 m3 / min compared data, determine whether qualified. The air compressor according to the national compressor standard GB/exhaust flow T13928-2002 error is within 5%, if the actual measuring exhaust flow in between 0.95 m3 / min and 1.0 m3 / min is qualified, if not in this scope, the need to modify the design parameters, such as piston, cylinder or speed increase or reduce the compression of the host to fix the actual compressor exhaust flow,

two, T2 double-stage air compressor exhaust temperature measurement, the national standard of miniature reciprocating piston compressor air compressor standards GB/T13928-2002 exhaust temperature should not exceed 200 ℃ per level, any level of exhaust gas temperature over 200 ℃, can't sell in the market

three, T2 double-stage air compressor oil consumption, the national standard of miniature reciprocating piston compressor air compressor oil consumption standard GB \ T13928-2002 can't more than 12 g/h,

for, T2 double-stage air compressor noise and vibration measurement, according to the displacement compressor noise measurement standard GB \ T4980-2003 and positive displacement compressor mechanical vibration measurement and evaluation standard of GB/T4980-2003, should not exceed 100 db noise and vibration intensity of mechanical vibration measurement is not more than 28.0 (mm/s)

five, T2 double-stage air compressor continuous full load test, the national standard of miniature reciprocating piston compressor air compressor according to GB/T13928-2002 national standards, new product compressor must be carried out under the design pressure of 500 hours of continuous testing, testing is completed, check that all parts must be no failure parts.


Test preparation, before starting the inspection unit on the instrument is normal. After startup, check the unit using the method of besmear soap water leaks, check whether the unit is abnormal, check whether the instrument is able to work. After everything is ok, the following parameters test

The experimental program

one, the compressor flow is measured with a nozzle measuring device The method of measuring, the nozzle device schematic diagram as shown.

Unit running, open the gasholder 7 serial number on the pressure regulating valve, adjust the pressure regulating valve opening, to keep the pressure of the air tank pressure gauge on the 4.0 Mpa. Under this condition, air compressor running 40 h, run after 40 h, measuring some data and calculate the actual flow of air compressor. Air tank pressure, the measured data of the nozzle pressure difference before and after suction temperature, indoor temperature, gas temperature before the nozzle, host speed, exhaust pressure, the indoor air pressure, motor running power input, the single phase current, etc. Compressor suction pressure is equal to the test in the atmospheric pressure, according to the formula, calculating the actual displacement 

Q: before the compressor and the cooling water volume flow rate, nozzle diameter, nozzle coefficient C D T compressor grade I breathe in temperature, P1 nozzle pressure difference, and the nozzle upstream gas temperature, P: atmospheric pressure, the test.

two, temperature and oil consumption measurement With a temperature gauge measuring compressor, secondary and tertiary exhaust temperature, according to the micro reciprocating piston air compressor of the provisions of the standard GB/T13928-2002, the exhaust temperature should not exceed 200 ℃. ', measuring temperature, the lubrication oil in the crankcase by the miniature reciprocating piston air compressor according to GB/T13928-2002 national standards, are not allowed to exceed 70 ℃. Temperature measurement equipment and measurement data as shown.




Oil consumption measurement test method for new product outage, empty inside the original air compressor crankcase oil, when the state of lubricating oil outflow present dropwise, stop release lubricating oil. Add lubricating oil inside the crankcase, measuring weight add lubricating oil in advance and launch new products motor of air compressor, maintain air tank on pressure gauges for pressure 4.0 Mpa unit 10 hours of continuous running, downtime, pour new products within the air compressor crankcase oil, when the state of lubricating oil outflow present dropwise, stop the release of lubricating oil, weighing. Calculating oil consumption for an hour, according to the standard of miniature reciprocating piston air compressor GB \ T13928-2002 requirement, air compressor oil consumption can't more than 12 g/h.

three, air compressor noise and vibration measurement .According to the displacement compressor noise measurement standard GB/T4980-2003, the noise of the compressor noise measuring in

Machine work five different directions when the average of the noise, the calculation results when stop background noise sound pressure level. Namely according to the displacement compressor noise measurement according to GB/T4980-2003 national standards, air compressor noise should not exceed 100 mpa, the new product host data sheet shows all the actual noise is below! 00 mpa, in line with national standards.

According to the displacement compressor mechanical vibration measurement and evaluation standard of GB/T4980-2003, vibration measuring instrument was used to measure new product half an oil-free piston compressor vibration position. Will the new product half oil free piston air compressor in common is hard on the ground, its landing site and padded with iron, vibration measurement point is located in the two level of the top and triple top of the cylinder head, cylinder head is measured in three mutually perpendicular direction, three directions of reciprocating direction X direction respectively, the axis of the crankshaft in the Y direction and vertical direction of the first two direction. Angle according to the relevant provisions of the standard GB/T4980-2003 type reciprocating compressor vibration intensity of the 28.0 mm \ s (), new product machine three vibration measuring point vibration intensity are no more than this value. Vibration intensity of the vibration intensity of a common word, standards with vibration velocity RMS characterization of a new product compressor vibration intensity, the unit is mm per second. In the practical new products during the vibration test, according to the standard will exhaust pressure stability of the new machine in 4. OMpa, the measured vibration value shown in table.

Four:the fatigue test Fatigue test according to the standard of miniature reciprocating piston air compressor GB \ T3928-2002 requirement, need to do 3.3 times rated exhaust pressure testing and full load test for 500 hours. Actual situation first do in the exhaust pressure of 1.1 times the rated 4 h of continuous running. Air compressor and then start the new product, maintain air tank on the pressure gauge pressure is 4.0 Mpa, continuous running air compressor for 500 hours, new products, in fact, new product air compressor unit run continuously 24 h a day, continuous operation, a total of 21 days, continuous running test, record the running situation every day.

Continuous full load test after 500 hours, the new products apart T2 air compressor, check the wear condition of ring at all levels, monitor the surface of the valve plates at various levels, and other parts, check everything is normal, all parts are qualified. The graph is continuous full load test after remove host the actual situation of new products.


Half a T2 double-stage air compressor engineering test. According to the regulations of the national standard of the compressor, the method of two-stage compressor flow measurement, at the same time, calculate the two-stage compressor shaft power in addition to the exhaust temperature, oil consumption, the overall compressor parameters such as noise, vibration measurement, finally carried out in accordance with the national standard for fatigue test, the result data display is normal.


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