AbstractAccording to the situation of English Teaching in the current foreign language teaching in the world development trend and our country's basic education, combined with the national Ministry of Education promulgated the new English curriculum standard, we put forward the topic of "construction and application of junior high school English task based teaching mode". Task-based language teaching mode is introduced into the junior high school English classroom, this is, after all, a try, it is inevitable that there are some places which need to be improved and need to solve the problems, such as whether there are differences in the effect of long-term experiment and short-term experiment, English learning adaptability questionnaire is perfect, the task design and layout problem, a test of spoken English, task-based teaching cooperative learning and independent learning and teachers' quality cultivation.

Key words: junior high school English; task; teaching mode

 1 the theory of task based Language Teaching

1.1 definition of task based Language Teaching

Task-based language teaching refers to teachers through setting specific scenarios, the proposed operable scheduled teaching activities, the teaching purpose and language using content into the meantime, guide students through the practical application of language activities to complete the scheduled tasks, in order to achieve mastery of the basic language skills and cure.

1.2 the composition and characteristics of the task based Language Teaching

1.2.1 task based language teaching model

    1 teaching objectives. Teaching itself is a highly marked activity, each teaching activity has a presetThe task based language teaching model is no exception, which emphasizes the goal of task-based language teaching.The aspect is that the teaching activity itself must reach a certain goal. On the other hand, it is also because of the task - based Language TeachingLearning activities emphasize the task, the task is to achieve the desired effect through the specified work, the pursuit of the goal,Itself is an important part of the task. Therefore, task based language teaching model is the constituent elements of the first To have the content of teaching objectives. Through the goal setting, clear the direction of the task, to facilitate timely correction,Ensure the completion of the task to achieve the desired results.

    2 teaching content. Task in an important part of that is "what to do", each task is to complete the specific content, requirements of content, reflected in the task-based language teaching mode is in the classroom or after-school demonstration, in particular need to fulfill the action or actions, including the design of teaching activities and teaching. The importance of the content, reflecting the task-based language teaching mode to pay attention to the actual, pay attention to the spirit of the application of the essence, which is now less structure, but also the essential characteristics of the task based language teaching model response. Because the task is not only a kind of means, a form, a method, it is a kind of philosophy, namely through the complete process, the students were stimulating and promoting their learning activities, in simulated the actual life of the environment, promote the students' interpersonal skills, language of ability and language use ability and comprehensive quality improvement.

1.2.2 task based language teaching model

   1 task based language teaching model is a new form of communicative approach in English teaching.

   2 task based language teaching model is a kind of education mode, which is still in the specific teaching objectivesTo carry out the activities of the heart.

   3 task based language teaching model emphasizes interaction and requires students to improve their ability to learn English in communication.

   4 task based language teaching model emphasizes the comprehensive, it is a set of oral expression ability, written expression ability,Practical ability to operate in a comprehensive ability to improve the training methods.

   5 task based language teaching model emphasizes the real scene, the ability of students to use English in real lifeVery seriously.

2 task based language teaching model in China's development

2.1 in primary and secondary school English teaching syllabus and English curriculum standards to be reflected

Issued by the Ministry of education in 2001 the full-time compulsory education in senior high school English Curriculum Standard (experimental draft) "and the full-time compulsory education stage English teaching, task-based language teaching mode were clearly defined: the standard clearly defined the contents of the" implementation advice ", the English Teaching of primary and middle school proposed the following requirements:" through the design task of teaching, guide students to use autonomous language ability ". This standard provides students with the ability to deal with problems in different learning stages through the "practical task", namely the use of language to cope with the possible scenarios in life. A new round of curriculum reform in English teaching and learning of junior high school English teachers have clear provisions, requires the teachers in teaching to maximize the use of task based teaching approach and avoid using simple impart knowledge of language teaching methods.

2.2 through the international and domestic academic conferences have been promoted and promoted

  In April 2003, the International Association of teachers of English as a foreign language in London held the 37th annual annual meeting, China's 35 member delegation to Britain and from the world of 79 countries, experts and scholars, joint research of task based language teaching model theoretical achievements and practical experience. This year will be around the theme: the future of task-based language teaching mode key content - task based language teaching, multiple intelligences and vocabulary teaching methods to carry out a lively and fruitful research. Among them, task based language teaching has become the main content of the discussion, which has been widely concerned by scholars. From British English teaching law of Jane Willis in the keynote speech, he mainly with non English speaking countries the task-based language teaching in English Teaching in the application of actual, on English learning and task based language teaching for 20 years the occurrence and development of the review and summary, make a prospect for the future development of task based language teaching, has been widely recognized by the attending scholars. At the special session of the meeting, the participants have to speak, in a certain extent reached a consensus within the theoretical research

2.3 National English task based language teaching model teaching and training in an orderly manner

  With the promulgation of the Ministry of education in the new curriculum, new curriculum training network has been oriented to all primary and secondary schools first-line English teaching unit promotion, the English curriculum teaching task-based language teaching has special requirements, according to the requirements of the new, the vast majority of the national primary school English teachers have been or are receiving training task based language teaching, through training, more in-depth grasp of English task based language teaching model, for further update teaching concepts, adjust teaching methods, practice of task based language teaching idea and the way of its implementation good foundation. The author also participated in the "national training" for two consecutive years, and really feel the benefits of Task-based Language teaching.

3 the construction of task based English teaching model in primary and secondary schools

   3.1 junior high school task based English teaching objectives

3.1.1 preliminary training students to communicate the ability to use English

   Communicative competence refers to the ability to use a foreign language to communicate information and thoughts and feelings in a real situation. It is a concept for Jo Mskiy's language ability, pioneered by hymes terminology. Jo Mskiy believes that language ability is the inherent system of language rules, that is, speech, vocabulary, grammar and other rules of the language system, once mastered the highly abstract language ability to create infinite sentences. But in hymes, it seems, a language can not only create a grammatical sentence, but also appropriate language use. Thus, communicative competence includes both linguistic competence and linguistic competence.

3.1.2 to cultivate students' positive attitude towards English learning

   Learning attitude is the key to learning English. Teachers should constantly stimulate and strengthen the task based English Teaching in junior middle school Students' interest in learning, and guide them gradually to turn their interests into a stable learning motivation, so that they can set up Confidence, exercise to overcome the difficulties of the will, to understand their own advantages and disadvantages of learning, willing to cooperate with others, raise Into a harmonious and healthy character. At the same time, through the task based English classroom teaching, enhance the awareness of the motherland, the extension of the

International perspective.

3.1.3 training students' self-study ability

   In task based English Teaching in junior middle school, teachers should train students to master effective learning strategies, cognitive strategies, control strategy, communication strategy and resource strategy, and make them according to different learning tasks constantly adjust their own learning strategies. These learning strategies will have to help students form a self-learning ability so that they reach without error correction of others, try to use has been stored in the memory of the knowledge of English autonomous learning, to lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

3.1.4 training students' intercultural awareness

   Language has rich cultural connotation. In foreign language teaching, culture refers to the historical geography of the countries that are learning languages,Local customs and practices, customs, way of life, literature and art, behavior norms and values. " Contact and theUnderstanding the culture of English speaking countries is beneficial to the understanding and use of English, which is beneficial to deepen the understanding and recognition of native culture.Consciousness, beneficial to the cultivation of the consciousness of the world. In junior high school task based English teaching, teachers should make students in English speaking countriesThe similarities and differences between culture and Chinese and foreign cultures have a rough understanding of the cultural knowledge of English speaking countries involved in teaching and learning.Life is closely related to daily life and can stimulate students' interest in learning English, for the future to improve cross cultureCommunicative ability to lay a good foundation.

3.2The operating procedure of task based English Teaching in primary and middle schools

    Since the late 80's, linguists such as Long (1987), and Crookes Prabhu (1991)

They put forward a variety of task based language teaching methods, but they have one common point, that is, to allow students toTo finish a task, not to practice a language item. Although these methods are used for students to use the target languageTo create a natural context, but too much emphasis on communication, will increase the students rely on communication strategies and vocabulary of the languageDanger, and the structure of the language of attention, so that students can only achieve the goal of language fluency, andCan not achieve the accuracy of the language and the complexity of the target. We took a long time in the task - based language teaching method.Short, the development of junior high school English task based operating procedures. The teaching process is very prominent in the following two aspects.On the one hand, it makes the students in meaningful communication activities, in the general sense to keep the language formbe careful In the entire junior high school task based English Teaching in the operation of the program, the task is just a central link, we It is necessary to emphasize and guide the students to pay attention to the language form after the task. Live after the same task Also helps to reflect and consolidate, to encourage students to reconstruct the original language structure, to make up for the existence of intermediary language systemInadequate. On the other hand, it emphasizes the role of social construction.

3.3 Teachers and students in task based English Teaching in primary and secondary schools    

3.3.1 students are the masters of learning

 The middle school students are the master of English learning, and their subjectivity is respected.Sex has been widely publicized, initiative, autonomy and creativity to play. First of all, because the task of the teacher's design is In view of the student's language level, the life actual needs and the interest, the student displays in the mission one present Active participation enthusiasm. Second, students in order to achieve the goal of the task, in order to form a pair or group,To use their own language to communicate, autonomous learning. They can use English without a teacher's direct guidance.Language to do something, which to a certain extent, increased their confidence in English learning, and thus further promote the Students' learning initiative, autonomy and creativity. Again, the students in the formulation of the results of the report The plan to spend intelligence and physical strength, gain experience, resulting in a sense of accomplishment. At the same time, the individual's potential and Quality can also be developed in the process of planning the use of English in the process to show. These in turn can be Become the main factor of the development of students' subjectivity and promote the strength.

3.3.2 teachers are the dominant

The establishment of students' main body position does not mean that the role of teachers is dissolved, and teachers play a leading role in the whole teaching process. In the pre task phase, the teacher is the designer and organizer of the task as well as the organizer of the task before the task. Teachers should find out the best combining point between the teaching content and the students' living experience and interest, according to the students' learning interest and language level, and determine the content and form of the task properly. In multiple tasks at the same time, teachers should arrange and combine the tasks according to the specific situation of the students. At the same time, teachers create situations for the task, but also use various activities to activate students' original language knowledge and structure, and stimulate their interest in the task.

3.4 The evaluation of task based English Teaching in primary and middle schools

3.4.1 formative assessment is the main means of evaluation.

    In this mode, the teacher in the student to complete the task in the process, through investigation, observation and communication with students, to students' written work, verbal responses, lecture and recitation learning behavior and student's learning ability, learning attitude, to participate in degree and the spirit of cooperation to make the process of evaluation. The formation evaluation, can make the students in the learning process will continue to be encouraged to produce self-confidence and achievement sense, thus transformed into motivation to progress; it also helps to in the teaching of "all for the test", "test scores as a measure of deviation of the only standard of student quality".

3.4.2 summary evaluation is a supplementary means of evaluation

   Summary of the evaluation schedule, the final exam is to test the ability of students in the development of comprehensive language use an important wayPath, but also reflects the teaching effect, the quality of school education is one of the important indicators. Summary evaluation must be examined.Students comprehensive language ability to use as the goal, and strive to scientifically and comprehensively investigate the students after a period of learningThe language level. In the junior high school task based English teaching model, the test of the summary evaluation should include theTest, listening and written examination and other forms, comprehensive study of the ability of comprehensive language use. Listening test in termProportion of the examination should not be less than. Listening test should focus on the ability of students to understand and acquire information,Should not be separated from the context of the simple question as the examination content. Written examination should avoid pure speech knowledge and simple questions


Practice has proved, in English teaching, practice and is the essence of learning English, otherwise English teaching is like a tree without roots, passive water, in the past, the teaching process, we one-sided attention accumulation of grammar and vocabulary, while ignoring the English in practice using, which actually defeats English teaching purpose. Task based language teaching in junior middle school English teaching to promote is actually junior middle school English Teaching in our country from theory research to practical exercise an important change, is our country a new round of English Teaching in the process of curriculum reform, English teaching tends to be more pragmatic embodiment of the best.


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