Abstract: Jane Eyre is a novel written by Charlotte Bronte according to his own experience. It tells the story of a heroine Jane Eyre orphans from the independent women's growing experience, created a perfect appearance, but has a fiery passion, small bending Xiaonao, strong and independent character image of women. This paper from Jane, love of language, psychology and behavior and analyzes her self-esteem rebellion, the pursuit of spiritual equality and love, strong and independent character and the specific performance.

Key words: Jane Eyre; strong; independence; self-esteem; rebellion; equality


Works Jane eyre but she neither property nor relatively strong, brave, sincere, enthusiastic to pursue independence, freedom, equality to defend the value of personal to maintain self-esteem could say she is a self-esteem, self-love, self-improvement, self-reliance of new age women , the freedom, the equality in defending the value of the individual in the maintenance of their dignity in the can be said that she is a both self-esteem, self-respect and self-reliance, self-reliance of women in New Era. This paper from the Jane Eyre's life experience and the environment in the described Jane Eyre to under the influence of environment to by a weak little girl in into a dare to challenge fate in and through their own efforts in the realization of self value of successful women. Works successfully created a social injustice before the end of the dare to revolt, and dare to fight for freedom and equal status of the female image in the so as to fight for women take equality, freedom sounded the first bugle. Reflects the nineteenth Century Western women have begun to awaken the consciousness of women. The pursuit advocated by the works of female independence of spirit in modern society still has a profound influence in the not to pressure the yield in the dare to the spirit of the setback challenge today seem to be valuable. Self-esteem self-reliance Jane should always set a good example for us.

2.Social background

"Jane Eyre" this novel is famous by the middle of the nineteenth Century British writer Charlotte Bronte's representative works. Between thirty nineteenth Century to forty years in the labor movement developed in the northern industrial area vigorously. Happened in the revolutionary slogans and numerous rallies and demonstrations in the Britain while the bourgeois democratic reform in the government departments on the surface to take some reform measures such as the female workers in the implementation of ten hour working at Lowood school system legislation in Chester and its adjacent vine the factory in the city, but the social status of women has not improved, and did not get equal rights, even after the three climax of the Charter movement, which attracts millions of workers and working people to fight for their rights struggle, nor can raise the question of equality between men and women, but the contradictions of bourgeois society it also inspired women from men's oppression and discrimination requirements. At the time of the British in women is difficult to obtain a space for one person. In particular, many in women in the category of the petty bourgeoisie who was educated in but no property in the marriage market lacks competition ability in the often have to because of poverty suffered cold in the fall tosponsor  , broke the situation. For those upper class women in marriage or life-long accompanied the parents became their final choice. And those at the bottom of society women in whether married or unmarried in the farm in the inn in the shops and other places in when industrial development with initial size in them can also to the factory to work in addition to the other end of the maid is their common choice. This is the harsh reality of Britain in nineteenth Century.

3 Jane Eyre's character analysis and concrete manifestation

3.1 Jane Eyre’s rebellious self esteem

Jane Eyre's rebellious self-esteem from childhood in Gates head office life began. Jane is an orphan who lost their parents, was sent to Gates Hyde's uncle home. There, she could not get any warmth, bully her cousin, aunt by Often punish her, these all let Jane love deeply wronged and lonely. Harsh living environment for her to learn how to live, how to become strong. She showed a strong resistance to the abuse and discrimination of her aunt and cousins. Courage and her arrogant and cruel cousin John clashed, as by cousin bully and he scuffle, and rebuked him: "you Jane since like a murderer... You like a taskmaster...... Do you like the Rome tyrant! "In captivity on the way is pulled into the red room, she all the way in the fight, knowing that a revolt would make her there are all kinds of unimaginable punishment, she decided to rebel in desperation; in the red room she thought that he had been treated. From the heart of the" small justice "cry:" fair! - too small fair! My mind told me that in the painful stimulus it suddenly becomes so strong, but was also up is also determined to take some unusual move on to escape persecution - such as unbearable that home, or line, from the small snacks drink, let oneself to death."

When Mrs. Reed for slander "lying favorite child, her heart told she must fight back to protect their self-esteem:" I have to say. I have others brutally trampled. We must fight back, but how to counter it? What is my strength to fight my enemy? I try my best to came up with a few words since cut when the words: "I and love lie. If love is a lie, I will say I love you, but I announced that I love you. In addition to John Reed, I hate most in the world is you, as the book liar. You'd better take to your daughter, Georgina, as is her small is that I love to lie. " , from these languages, these acts, and her psychology, we can see that Jane Eyre is not difficult to see how the heart of love, and the pain of living environment and let her become so strong.

3.2The pursuit of spiritual freedom, equality and true love of Jane Eyre

In Jane Eyre, at the feet of god everyone is the same, regardless of size, appearance and wealth, in the personality of everyone is equal. Therefore, although she is only a family teacher, but she did not feel that she is lower than the Rochester. On the contrary, she thinks they are equal. When she found herself falling in love with the status of the status of the host, she did not retreat, but the courage to love, because she believes that people are equal in spirit. She believes that love should be based on the spirit of equality, and small should depend on social status, wealth and appearance, only men and women really love each other, in order to get the real happiness.

When Rochester to test her and pretend to marry a lady, she dares to express her anger from the heart as a spirit of equality and defense: "do you think I am an automaton? A camera is no feelings? I can bear a packet from my mouth was snatched, a day of life water dashed from my cup? Do you think, because I am poor, humble, little and little, I am soulless and heartless? - you are wrong! I have as much soul as you, my heart is with you the same! And if God had gifted me with some beauty son and some wealth, I will let you feel to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you. I talk to you now, little is through the custom, tradition, or even small is through the flesh: - but my mind talking with your heart; like two people had passed through the grave, will stand between God and the former, equal to each other, because we are born equal! "

She bravely expressed her love view: the pursuit of the equality of the soul.

3.3 Strong independent Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre's strong independent spirit is also an important factor to attract readers. In every stage of her life, whether it is in childhood gates Hyde mansion and labor grip Germany school, or adult age of mulberry field manor, no small performance out of her strong and independent. At Gateshead palace, Jane Eyre, small, ugly, eccentricity, timid, are at the mercy of others is a no clear status and identity of the "little guy" is a "small servant" of the miss ratio. One family of her aunt abuse and cruel punishment to Jane Eyre will sharpen resolutely stubborn.

In the work of the school, at first Jane Eyre did not get what she wanted from the mountains and independence, the president Hearst Bullock's insult and hard living conditions inspired her to gain independence. There, her independence has risen to a higher level. She learned to be patient from Helen, who learned how to use knowledge to arm himself with knowledge. Here, with indomitable willpower, after eight years of hard life, she finally became a knowledge of women, won the

Spiritual independence.

In mulberry field manor, as a family teacher, Jane Eyre has always maintained a own dignity, owner of Rochester, the former in when she was a child, because he is a inferior status of the family teachers feel inferior, she thinks they are equal, should because she is a servant and small by others respect. Mountain in Jane Eyre's self-confidence, frank and honest, Mr. Rochester to recognize her small is a simple family of female teachers, and then put her to the position of equality with him, so there is a love of two people. When Mr. Rochester asked Jane to marry him and ask her what she was going to need, she replied that she needed only his beloved.

4 The establishment of a perfect personality

Jane and Rochester's love story is undoubtedly the highlight of the book wood, to paintings of thick Mo Chongcai make a pen, they love although not thrilling, soul stirring, it is also a rough ride, bizarre twists and turns, fascinating. In their love story and we see a reasonable woman Bian public image.

Become the person I love in Jane eyre's fiancee, excitement peak , she remained a self-control and sober mind, she not only to defend their honor, but also defend their independence. "The danger of slavery and the plaything of men which made her fear all." Jane refused unmarried husband's generous gift, constantly remind him, she is poor and ugly, she will continue to perform the duties and responsibilities of the governess . She kept her pride in the simple, personal dignity is inviolable. The wedding of Mr. Mason gave away the secret, Rochester R. has a wife, his wife is the mad woman in the attic. All the friends imagination instantly shattered, Jane Eyre is the heart sank to the bottom, scarred, tingling not long. The hard won love and the right to be loved in an instant. In or defend the dignity, in sense and sensibility, dignity and love, she chose the former. With a bleeding heart was stabbed resolutely away. This is not only a kind of intellectual peak Jane rebellious spirit of Jane Eyre also the highest pursuit of true love. Although we see the road clearly blood on the way she walked. However, the blood proclaim our longitudinal was the spring breeze blowing snow, must win South Street grind to dust.

5 Conclusion

"Jane Eyre" fully molded a love, life, religion has taken a positive attitude, the courage to fight the ordinary and the great image of women. "Jane Eyre" is a British literary history of great works in the flow to this end to let many people put it down. Many people love in "Jane Eyre" because of her legendary romantic love story. But in the if only to see love in only that you stay in the shallow surface, and not understand essence to love. Did Charlotte just write this touching love and write "Jane Eyre" author is also a woman in the life is changing in the fluctuation of Britain in the middle of the 20th century in when the thoughts have a brand new start. But in "Jane Eyre" in the most of which is the idea of this kind of thought -- women's independent consciousness. This kind of independent consciousness in Jane Eyre's body performance most vividly. Let us imagine in if independent in Jane Eyre has long been strangled in Jirenlixia childhood life if she had not the independent in she had and his wife and daughter of Rochester to live together in the beginning there is money in the status of new life if she did not the pure in we now in the hands of "Jane Eyre" is no longer touching the tears of the classic. So why "Jane Eyre" let us be moved by the fondle admiringly, is her independent personality in the exciting personality charm. This kind of women's independent consciousness is the important quality of modern women. Therefore in this "Jane Eyre" was more and more modern women love in because they could find the secret of success from here. Now the status of women more and more high in the US can no longer rely on men. Think you just find the "millionaire" can sleep without any anxiety. The fact that the end to get real happiness in the end must not rely on anyone to be independent. From the Jane Eyre in the us to see the "independence" in to see the "resolutely" saw "the struggle" saw "no surrender" saw "has dared to pursue". So because she is successful in happiness. Jane Eyre has been as an independent women's classic in the hope that the sun in flowers have more Jane love came out in regardless of the poor by the rich or whether beauty in or plain in the beautiful mind and enrich the mind in can have independent personality and a strong personality living. ?


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