abstractBecause of the difference between Chinese and Western cultural backgrounds, there are some differences between Chinese and Western cultures. According to the purpose of the Chinese and western marriage, this article chooses the standard of spouse, and the difference of the marriage etiquette. According to the difference of marriage culture in the west, from the geographical environment, social economy, cultural tradition and religious belief differences exist, thus the benefit of the study of intercultural communication and promote the blending of Chinese and Western culture.

1. Introduction

Marriage is an important part of the customs and culture, Chinese and western marriage custom research is always the focus of research, because it can make us know more about the foreign culture and for the dissemination and exchange more positive between different cultures. Along with the rapid development of modern society, human society place profound changes, which will inevitably lead to includes the change of the marriage culture, ideology. From ancient times to the present, in western countries because of the huge regional differences and ethnic customs and habits of the different hierarchy of men and women are not the same, a variety of reasons lead to marriage customs also have certain difference.

2. Domestic and Foreign Studies
Domestic: in 1920s, Chinese groom is still a long robe, embroidered jacket red bride. But along with the deepening of reform and opening to the outside world, people from the limitations of their own native culture came out, began to accept the Western clothing culture, the cut braid, abandoning the traditional complicated clothing, dress in a simple western style clothes. At the same time, China's wedding dress is also subject to the assimilation of western culture, wedding dress has become China's large and medium cities in the wedding fashion and mainstream.

Foreign: according to and Wedding Festival of this book, the author writes, did not appear before the white wedding dress, in the Elizabeth period, the new year will wear her best robes and the outer skirt, the color is really colorful. And this is similar to the history of Chinese dress, China has a lot of ethnic minorities, when they get married, they will choose one of their favorite favorite favorite clothes, the color is not uniform.

3. Contrast of Chinese and Western Marriage Customs

3.1 Definition of Marriage

In 1980, "marriage law", 1994 "marriage registration management regulations" and other laws and regulations related to marriage and family, there is no clear regulation. Current a few textbooks to the definition of marriage is not the same, but is for each adopted that: marriage is both sexes of legally binding, emphasizes the marriage must be legitimate, in other words, namely only legitimate to into the marriage. Such as Nanjing University Press 1988 edition "marriage law course said:" marriage is between the person and the person a kind of special social relations, is with emotion based relationships, marriage is men and women in love based on natural and legitimate combination. " This concept emphasizes that marriage is a "legal" combination. Law Press, 1995 "marriage and family law course" to the definition of marriage is: "marriage is both sexes as a permanent living together for the purpose, in accordance with the law voluntarily entered into with the rights and obligations of the contents of gender combination."

3.2 History of Marriage

The origin of marriage is the protection of property. It is a product of the patriarchal society, is the woman as a crop, for the exchange of property. As for the matriarchal society in some so-called "walking marriage", the marriage is not, just instinct of human reproduction in the productivity of extremely low against the harsh natural environment. At that time, give birth to a child, of course, a number of human lives may be. A woman because of fertility and become gods, have the right to sexual intercourse with any relationship between a male, including incest. "Live" this three word is still largely determines the behavior of the matriarchal society just entered the patriarchal society. For quite a long time, people are in accordance with the support relationship, not the blood relationship to determine whether the occurrence of sexual behavior. However, with the gradual improvement of productive forces, human society to hunt and farming, the emergence of private property, the protection of property became the first urgent need, so, the marriage, the wife became husband's property. The beginning of the rules are not strict, the marriage has not been fully dominant, the woman can also have sexual behavior before marriage, so when there is a "kill the first child" of the customs, in order to ensure the purity of blood. Later, the marriage completely ruled sex, human beings completely into the agricultural society, the marriage of any woman can no longer be said by her. The woman has been completely reduced to the property, she is not only parents wait for the right price to sell goods, is a man about to buy the property.

3.3 Wedding Ceremony

3.3.1 Chinese Wedding Ceremony Reflected in Joy Luck Club
For us Chinese people, marriage is a great thing, happy event is of course to do the bustling, beaming, and this is our since ancient times tradition. Chinese people like a lively atmosphere, so the location of the wedding, of course, if you can make up the place. In ancient times, people are going to vote for in the open yard, everyone sitting around the table, hearty laughter, luoguxuantian, firecrackers, send a peaceful and prosperous. In contemporary it is difficult to find in the yard, convenient transportation of the large hotel naturally became the preferred, as in the past, from the reception to seated, all the people, both the host and the guest, are permeated with a happy smile on the face, during the banquet, singing and laughing reflects the lively this pass system.

3.3.2 American Wedding Ceremony Reflected in The Godfather

For westerners, they are more valued holy and solemn, so western wedding mostly held in the church and a quiet place to choose, to swear, is very sacred, organized for their wedding, as we Chinese people's wedding so busy.

3.4 Differences Between Chinese and American Wedding Ceremony
In the traditional wedding ceremony, Chinese's traditional customs have "three," "three times nine call" these complicated customs etiquette. The so-called "three", refers to the letter of appointment, book of rites, wedding book. (letter: engagement book. Najib use. Book of Rites: the book of gifts. Use at the time of receiving. The wedding the bride's book: the book. The wedding day (pro Ying) the bride with the door). "Six" refers to mining satisfied and asked the name of Najib, Na, please, pro Ying syndrome. (origin: the ancient wedding first preferred woman, asked for a matchmaker plan, called the origin, now referred to as the "". Ask: ask his name and birthday the hour, by Bu Jizhao, called to ask, this is called "horoscopes". Najib: ask if it is a good omen, sent gifts gift that the matchmaker, Najib, now called the "paper" or "small set". A nano syndrome: cake, gifts, gifts and sacrifices, which officially send dowry, is satisfied that the levy, now referred to as the "gift". Please, please by the groom's family fortune teller that day, please, also known as the "beggar", now called the "day". Pro Ying: the groom by car, home to meet the bride, called Pro Ying). In this change, the gengtie between more engagement, too big, bed and a series of activities. And in these activities have a large number of taboos and customs, such as the bride's dowry in to a butterfly flying scissors, a spittoon (children barrels), ulnar (Leung Tin hectares), pieces of sugar (sweet), silver belt (wealthy), vases (blossoming), copper pots and shoes (with Kai to old), dragon and Phoenix, bed sheets and pillow on, double double with red cords of chopsticks and bowl (food and clothing), 72 sets of clothes, cypress, lotus seeds, longan and red packets with (clothing), everything has its different meaning. 

At the same time, when the wedding to have a certain order, according to the general situation in the wedding process have: worship, of burning cannon, waiting for the groom, lovable, farewell, go out, the limo, throw fan, burning gun, wedding, see a visitor out, the bridal chamber, three dynasties hilus. To see our culture is tedious, but not cumbersome is a unique feature of our wedding, in fact, different countries although there are different marriage customs, but from the metaphor of the complicated details and activities, visible respect and expectations of marriage no borders. 

In the west, there are old, new, borrowed, blue and other customs in the wedding. Refers to the old mother handed down a wedding dress and headdress or jewelry, on behalf of the bear all the better; it is to send a friend a gift such as a dress, ornaments, symbol of new life; is that to anyone borrow something back, is said to from the wealthy friends borrowed gold or silver in inside the shoe, symbol to wealth; blue is a bride of some small ornaments or bouquet of flowers with a blue, it means the bride pure and chaste. While in the wedding, the West also has a lot of custom. For example, at the time of marriage to the bride with a handkerchief, Westerners think the white handkerchief symbolizes good luck. At the wedding ceremony, the bride always stands on the left side of the groom, in the wedding dinner, custom wedding cake, according to historical records, since the beginning of the Roman era, at the end of the marriage ceremony, people will break a loaf of bread in the head of the bride, a symbol of wheat fecundity, bread crumbs represents the lucky. Newcomers must be icing on the formation of today's wedding cake. 

Can necessarily western wedding customs are very complex, but regardless of how complex, which contains the relatives and friends, the blessings of a beautiful Christmas season is not change, all people all hope for a couple to rely on each other and bliss.

3.5 Reasons of The Differences

3.5.1 Influenced by the geographical environment
China's geographical environment is closed, environment, which makes Chinese people's thinking limitations within the local also created the character of Chinese people wanted stability and a quiet, pay attention to the worship of nature and the laws of nature in strict compliance with the obedience and.

Most of the western countries in the open ocean geographic environment, industrial and commercial and maritime industry is more developed, constitute the Western nations focus on space expansion and force to conquer the personality.

3.5.2 Influenced by economic system
China's traditional economy is a self-sufficient natural economy. People are law-abiding conservative. So Chinese pay more attention to ethics, seeking stability.

The ancient Greek civilization of the West rising along the coast of the Aegean Sea, which belongs to the ocean civilization, besides European farming much like Chinese farming in ancient society as important, so Europeans like to explore the outside, culture is more outgoing.

3.5.3 Under the influence of cultural heritage

Chinese has a long history of five thousand years. Chinese culture did not disappear in dynastic changes, but gradually mature, formed with its own characteristics of the traditional culture. National integration and development will not only promote the friendly exchanges between the peoples, but also conducive to social stability and unity, so that the Chinese culture has a strong inclusive and vitality.

The west is different. The history of the western countries, dynasties each replacement are accompanied by foreign invasion, so that the old and new cultures to fight with each other. Therefore, we can say that western culture is not subjective but with diversity.

3.5.4 Influenced by religious belief

Although there are many kinds of religions in China, such as Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism and Taoism, we still have to say that China is a country with no religion. Most people believe in religion just because of the need of reality, they need to use religion to help them solve some problems, not to make changes in the real world. China religious attention is obedient. For this reason, Chinese lack of resistance and struggle spirit.

But in western countries, almost all Westerners are religious. Religion has a profound influence on westerners. In a strong religious atmosphere of the western culture, advocating equality, attention and struggle against oppression, emphasis on faith, hope, love and trust.

4. Conclusion
All in all, with the rapid development of the world economy, marriage, as one of the most important aspects of human life, has received more and more attention from experts and scholars. But due to cultural differences, there are many differences between China and the western countries in many aspects of marriage. In the purpose of marriage, the choice of spouse and marriage etiquette standard, there are differences. The difference between different countries is due to the different cultural and historical background of each country, this is a permanent cultural phenomenon. Although China and Western countries in the marriage culture is very different, but people yearning and pursuit of a happy life is the same, so we should pay more attention to the different regions, different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, social customs differences. The ability to understand the cultural differences between Chinese and Western countries can help us to cultivate cross-cultural communication and promote the blend of Chinese and Western culture.

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